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    Is 6 Shots Really Enough?

    Yup, I carry a "gasp" SEVEN shot .380, but I know how to use it! (At least I hope I will be able to.... :) ) The idea of carrying TWO guns around all day ..... wow, you guys must live in a different neighborhood than I do.
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    Why choose 1911 over a revolver?

    1911 -- Light crisp Single-action trigger. Should/must be carried "cocked and locked". Is this good or bad? You be the judge. .357 Mag -- Long revolver trigger. Should be carried hammer down even if DA/SA. Again, good/bad?... I prefer a long, strong trigger AND and external safety, so...
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    New to Handguns

    For DA/SA, Sig p229 (or p226) in 9mm. Also available is a .22LR kit for practice, cheap ammo, and wife-friendliness. I have one and love love love it. For extra simplicity, a Glock G17 would be my second choice (or similar Springfield XD)
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    9mm VS. 357 Sig. FOR HOME/SELF DEFENSE?

    I like the multi-option. That's why I bought a Sig-Sauer P229 in 22 LR, then bought the top-end kit (also from Sig) in 9mm. They also have .40 cal, and yes ..... .357Sig available. Same gun, same platform and trigger, different calibers. To answer the original question, 16 rounds of...
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    Do you have any need for a shotgun or is the carbine superior in your mind?

    I can shoot my 12g INDOORS at my local range, and OUTDOORS at the geese on my property (Mossy 590A1). With any .223 / 5.56 carbine, I could not do either.... Simple as that for me...
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    Best auto for CCW

    Kahr PM9 -- available with an OPTIONAL external safety if you wish. Certainly pocket-carryable in cargos. High grade 9mm +P is pretty good stuff. I use Winchester PDX-1.
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    How common are .22LR guns?

    1. Sig-Sauer P229 in .22 LR (with a 9mm conversion) -- EXCELLENT starter pistol 2. Marlin 981TS -- Bolt action for 22 short, 22 long, and 22 LR -- excellent bolt-action. Holds 25 shorts.... 3. Marlin 795 -- autoloading .22 LR only. Excellent and VERY accurate starter autoloader. I...
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    Quiet please! 22 Ammo test in progress

    +1 on CCI shorts. If you have a bolt-action rifle with a tube loader like my Marlin 981 TS, it'll shoot 22S, L, and LR. What a deal. The shorts are EXCELLENT for new shooters -- very quiet and non-offensive. Just re-align your scope first, so they'll hit something... :)
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    What makes a Rifle "The One?"

    It does what I want it to. Example Marlin Model 795, with scope and bipod. Quiet, effective, and accurate. CCI Velocitor ammo shoots a pretty tight pattern at 75-100 yards, but more importantly, it puts the first and second shots right where I am aiming very quickly. (some say) Ugly...
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    Goose hunters, need some info please.

    uuuuhhh .... Are you carrying a gun at the time? I usually just shoot them however many times it takes (usually one far and one near). I probably wouldn't think of any anti-goose martial arts techniques ... too yucky for me. Maybe I am just a pansy, though :) Good Hunting.
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    What is your EDC?

    I can top you..... :) S&W 380 bodyguard in pocket holster -- no reloads. Car key/beeper in opposite front pocket. Plus/minus credit card, rarely a wallet. Phone in the car. Im my case, I'd have to say medium speed and medium drag .....
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    Souped up Ruger 10/22 or CZ 452 Lux

    What about the CZ 512 in semi-auto? Anyone have any experience with it? I'm looking for an auto, preferably in 22 MAG, but might have to settle for a 22LR....... Thx for replies
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    Would this "Plinking Target" be messy for a 22?

    For bigger targets, I use weather treated 4X4s or 4X6s, cut into whatever length I want. Then, I stand them up on concrete blocks. Works great, they fall off the block when hit (usually), and they last a LONG time....
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    Suggest a 22 Mag (22WMR) for me...

    I have a Marlin 981TS, Tube-fed 22LR (all 22s incl. shorts). Pretty much hits what I aim at, within a 2-3 in circle at 50-75 yds. Close enough for me. I'm now looking for a 22 Mag for small game hunting on my property. I need a little more range and POP than my .22 LR will deliver...
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    Loads for home defense?

    00 -- reduced recoil as it is only one less pellet at close to the same speed, and allows MUCH MUCH quicker follow-up shots. In the butt cuff I have reduced recoil slugs (JIC).
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    Which .22s, l, lr rifle?

    Marlin 981 TS -- tubular mag. Got a (cheap?) 4-9x scope on it. hits whatever I shoot at. I am guessing the new XT series triggers are a bit better, but my 981 has been perfect.
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    Best .22lr Handgun around $500 or Less

    I did this by ordering a Sig-Sauer P229 (mid-sized like Glock 19) in .22LR Once I got good with it, I bought the 9 mm slide and mags. It also has .40 cal and .357 Sig available. One gun for everything (almost). It is DA/SA -- both are pretty good. It is not terribly cheap, though...
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    .40 vs .45 power....

    Yup.....Accurate and quick follow-ups. This is what matters.
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    My latest Concealed Carry Magazine article - A Sequential Training System

    YUP Smartest thing I ever did was get my Sig-Sauer P229 (first handgun) in .22LR. Shot it for >1000 rounds before I even considered getting the 9mm slide. Never got scared of the gun that way -- still aren't. :neener: Saw my buddy trying to teach his teenager how to shoot with a...
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    Brinks Gaurd and open carry in NY

    Glad I live in Wisconsin where Open Carry is totally legal. I do it frequently when coming off the farm to get gas, etc. (I open carry on my own property). Other times it's concealed, but if you print or it shows, no problem..... :)