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    First CZ ever, think I have a problem. Drops to half cock in DA

    1Kperday, That's good news. Now make that $5,000.00 check payable to CGW ;)
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    CZ PO 9 Cajun Gun Works

    a2x4bbl, Thanks for the feedback. The negative video on our kit is possible since not all CZ's respond the same way. However, we were never given the opportunity to help the unhappy youtuber, they never contacted us so we could help them sort our their issues. And we would have. Not fair to...
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    First CZ ever, think I have a problem. Drops to half cock in DA

    1KPerDay, We can help you diagnose the issue, and no sir, you won't need a "big bag of money", we don't work like that. Timing issues can occur in the CZ system and we have solved many an issue in this area. My personal direct gunsmith number is 318-372-9050. David.
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    Another Sig P365 Experience

    I am in no way knocking Sig. But you can't always rely on the cheapest bidder for parts. The best parts always cost more up front, but will be much, much, cheaper in the long run.
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    CZ-75 bushing barrel mod?

    We have sold quite few of our precision barrel bushings. We have had numerous reports of accuracy improvements. Some dramatic, some not as dramatic. The factory CZ barrel bushing is hand ground at the factory to achieve the necessary clearance to allow the barrel to install in the slide. If...
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    Softest shooting 45 alive?

    I have owned many 45's. If you have never owned or fired a CZ-97, you don't know what you're missing.
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    CZ 97b Cajun GW Upgrades

    In ramped barrel semi-autos, throating means increasing the freebore, or lead to accept bullets with a longer OAL. In the 1911 design, which has no ramp, per se, throating implies a wide radius on the barrels lower edge to allow it to feed semi-wadcutters. Obviously these are not the same.
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    CZ 97b Cajun GW Upgrades

    agtman, Still patiently waiting for some information . . . . . . .
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    CZ 97b Cajun GW Upgrades

    I would be interested in learning more about this . . . . .
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    CZ 97b

    Accuracy load is 4.8 - 5.0 gns of WW231, 200 hard cast SWC (H&G #68), 1.240" OAL, .479" crimp. In a stock pistol, expect 1.5" - 2.0" groups from a rest @25 yards. Once accurized, they can stack all shots into 9/16" - 7/8".
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    9mmforme, You could be having a timing issue as well. If it persists, you will need to have it corrected. Happens in CZ's on occasion.
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    CZ75b Longevity?

    Not a 75, but based on the same design, my personal CZ-97B has nearly 10K rounds down the pipe and it just keeps getting better. Smooth, slick, just a joy to shoot. I can see it running 50K+ with only spring changes. Shot a .75" 25 yard group from a sandbag rest when it had over 8K rounds...
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    Pros and Cons for the Tristar T-120 pistol?

    floflow, Our heat treated tool steel floating trigger pin for the Canik is not $17.00. We sell these for $13.00, they are warranted for life. With all due respect, I would challenge you to make a tool steel pin this small fully heat treated for less money. If your Canik's trigger return...
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    There Is No Better 45, Than a Ruger P Series 45

    I can't believe anyone would post such a comment . . . . .
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    CZ Protek Knockoff

    Pilot, Yes.
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    CZ 75 vs Ruger SR9

    W/O question a CZ-75.
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    CZ Protek Knockoff

    ThompsonCustom, I am confident you will be amazed at the finished product. I have done several of the Caniks' and blind folded you could not pick out which was a Canik and which was a Pro-Tek. Superb base pistols. Just need some massaging to bring out their potential.
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    STI Spartan VS. Taurus 1911

    No comparison. Taurus is not even close to the STI.
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    EAA Sucky CS

    The entire attitude of any business is a direct reflection of the upper management and/or owner. I called EAA last summer to try and order a few springs and a sear and was talked down to. The person on the phone tried to make me look like a fool. I would not own nor buy a Tanfoglio, NIB...
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    Why would someone do this to a CZ-75

    Could be welded up and fixed, but buying price would have to way down there.