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    Why Do People Reload When ...

    50% of my brass comes from range pickups. Huge money saver, while time consuming. Accuracy is a major plus, you have an array of better bullet choices. I also cast my own .44 bullets from free wheel weights and make my own gas checks. I can shoot .44 mags for .05 cents. Not too bad son!
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    imr 4064 ?

    4064 was the most accurate powder I had for my now sold Savage 25-06 under some vmax's. yes it is temperature sensitive which is really too bad. I've got a full bottle of it that I have yet to find a use for it.
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    I've had nothing but bad luck with lee powder throwers. RCBS throws varget pretty good, but will cut some throws, lets say 1 every 15 or 20. I've had the best luck with my newer Hornady progressive.
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    How much?

    I'd pay triple that...
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    question about some powder I received...already opened?

    I'd say you're good to go. With that being said, I always request the bottles that still have the tape on them whenever possible.
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    Convert M&P 9mm to 40 or 357 Sig?

    It's my understanding that you need a 40 to shoot a 9. Pretty lame I know.
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    Springfield XDs

    Friend just got one and he loves it. I carry either a pf9 or when rolling deep in the ghetto a full size m&p9. With that said I find the recoil more "push" then snap, and obviously lighter and thinner then my m&p. I plan on selling my pf9 because to be honest I suck with it (not the gun). The...
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    Most Accurate and Consistent Velocity .308 Ammo?

    Agree 100% with post 24: 1. Handloads 2. Federal Gold Medal Match 3. Black Hills Match
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    Madness might be ending

    Was just at cabelas in WI, and they had a few lower priced ARs in stock. Ammo however...good luck.
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    80% AR-15 Lower Billets: Where to get them?

    While this doesn't answer your question and just my two cents I would stay away for an 80% lower. Your only saving like 30 bucks at most, and that's before you buy the tools, your time, and after you drill the holes you parkerize/finish the bare metal you cut. If you ever sell it you have to...
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    School Me on Henry Rifles

    Made in USA! Extremely smooth action. However, I personally like Marlins looks, and I can't put my finger on it, but for some reason they feel like toys to me. I wouldn't buy one, but I wouldn't tell you not to.
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    When will the AR lowers start dropping in price?

    When the demand drops the supply will increase and thus, the price. That sounds right out of my economics text book. If I had to predict, I would say one year after the next republican president gets elected, so who knows when.
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    First reload success!!!

    Like others have said congratulations and welcome to the club. I started like you on Lee, and have slowly been upgrading my parts, most recently now using a Hornady AP press (really cant believe how fast I can crank out .44 loads). I'll never forget my first shot of my reloads (.270 win)...
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    Bullet Casters Must Have Book!

    Does it have load data?
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    banging my head

    Post #5 is the way to go. I personally would pull the bullets, dumb/lose the powder and slowly back out the primers. That's just me, and just they way I would do it.
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    Cleaning between groups?

    I try to clean between my 5 shot groups. 25 rounds of dirty barrel probably doesn't effect accuracy as 5-10-15-20-25 rounds of increasingly warm barrel. I like to think that when I clean I'm also cooling the barrel, even if just a little.
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    hand loaders Even though it's not currently in stock, get this and don't look back. This was my first press, but have since upgraded to a Hornady Lock N Load Progessive. For MANY reasons I still use...
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    Epic fail

    Did I miss something? Are you tumbling live rounds? I was schooled that that is a pretty big no no. Am I wrong?