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    Anybody Here Throw Ammo To the Gods? Sacrilege at the Range

    John Russell: You even been hungry, lady? Not just ready for supper. Hungry enough so that your belly swells? Audra Favor: I wouldn't care how hungry I got. I know I wouldn't eat one of those camp dogs. John Russell: You'd eat it. You'd fight for the bones, too.
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    I personally would use a Hewlett-Packard 5710-A dual-column gas chromatograph with flame analyzation detectors. (From: "My Cousin Vinny") ..........but that's just me.
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    Im see no AWB coming

    We all need to quit drinking our own home-made kool-aid. The demo's knew coming in that they weren't gonna get an AWB (and even if they did, it would fail legal challenge based on Heller.) They are just gonna throw everything at the wall and whatever they can get to stick, that will be one...
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    Why I am in favor of a ban on high capacity gun magazines

    Oh, I understand! Well, that makes it very simple - just pass a law that forbids the mass murderers to use any high-capacity magazines. Once it is against the law, they won't use them anymore! Wait, you want to forbid the rest of us to use them in order to set a good example for the mass...
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    If they come for your guns do you have the responsibility to fight?

    Yep, that is why they should never have allowed American History to be taught because it might contain details about the Revolutionary War and the shooting and killing that was done in the name of "freedom". :evil: Certainly, it is a grave and serious subject and should be approached in a...
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    Does the FBI 12" minimum take into account "big boned" people?

    quote: You're not supposed to aim at a person's stomach when protecting yourself, aim at their chest. Usually there is very little fat in covering a human's heart even when they are "padded". But a big,fat, round belly looks so very much like a three-dimensional bullseye - I am afraid that...
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    Was Keltec's KSG just vaporware?

    While I am in agreement with wanting Keltec to ramp up and meet demand on their innovative guns, I also understand that they have their own business plan and it seems to be working. I have seen the results of companies that try to grow too quickly and get crushed by cash flow, competition, bad...
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    Officer thwarts shooter by jamming his finger in assailant's gun

    Yep, had a good friend who accidenttly used the same tactic when his wife decided to end his drinking problem forever. Fortunately, she decided to give him a short lecture about the misery he had brought her before she pulled the trigger. He had just enough time to grab for the gun and...
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    Oh, I know the feeling. I bought my son an HK pistol - darned thing broke the first time he went to the range. All HK's are bad news. I bought myself a SIG mosquito - have never had ANY problem with it - they are the best .22 ever made! Point being made - one or two owners' experiences...
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    Heavily Armed... Am I Paranoid??

    Practically all humans have a fear of harm/death to themselves and their families. Yet, practically all humans KNOW that harm/death WILL come to both them and their familes. The only response left to us is choices as to what will better our odds of longer avoidance of said harm/death than the...
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    What makes a Hi Point Ugly?

    Ummm, no. That is like saying Rosie O'Donnell makes Rosanne Barr look good - once you get into the class of ugly, you don't get any waivers to get out just because you stand next to another example of ugly. (It's kinda like when I was in school and all the fat girls hung around together...
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    Chiappa adding RFID chips to their guns

    I think I understand - if I steal a valuable dog (that likely has a chip), all I gotta do is microwave the pooch to kill the chip and I have an untraceable, albeit slightly roasted, new pet! Technology is awesome..........
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    Alarming new trend with some CCWs

    I gotta go with the same opinion as everyone else regarding the "trend". One or two instances do not make a trend. However, I do have concerns about ANYONE leaving the scene of a fight, then going to get a gun and returning to the fight scene with his buds. I have to agree with the police on...
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    It's taken 10 years, but I've finally convinced the wife on home defense

    __________________ Hard to shoot - for most people, yes. Hard to aim - for most people, probably. Useless ???? NEVER refer to any gun as useless. Even a Jennings or Davis can kill. Better to say NOT a good choice for most people and definitely not a good choice with anyone that...
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    Who has the >LEAST< respected name in guns?

    Daveboone, You have to remember that you are on a gun forum - meaning that your opinions are open to comments from others. (Hopefully, with knowledge and lack of personal attack.) I have seen MANY examples of quality-brand firearms that have experienced broken parts and needing repair...
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    Tell me about the 1950's

    I grew up in the mid-south in late 40's-early 50's in a very small rural town. There was no such thing as a gun store. We did have a hardware store, a grocery store, and an early convenience store (gas, groceries, beer joint) that sold new rifles and shotguns. all three of them kept their...
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    The Middle East and Gun Rights

    Uh................, better get the soldiers to take your side or you are likely gonna bleed!
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    Really---why do you carry

    Once upon a time, my father explained to me that there are two times in our lives when we are allowed to be ten foot tall and bullet-proof: Aa a wild-eyed drunk and as a wild-eyed teen-ager. Well, I have outgrown both of those phases of my life and find myself feeling a subtle amount of...
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    Kahr suing Diamondback?

    Actually, I look for the one with best results at what he does - but that is just me. :confused:
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    Wait, what?

    Mr. Bo, I think we are in agreement - The thoughts of eating fried chicken gizzards gives me a creepy feeling, but I have no problem if someone else rates them as gourmet dilicious!