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    Walther P22

    owned done for a few years, and have put over 20,000 rounds through mine, until the slide cracked and would not eject rounds, mine is out of warranty obviously, but I would like to get it fixed, as it is a fun pistol to shoot. I want to replace it w/ a nice ruger single six, or a mkIII
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    1911 9mm choices?

    how about a para ordinance hawg 9?
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    Walther P99C trigger options?

    I am an owner of a p99 qa, and at first the trigger seemed like sandpaper.. but numerous rounds later, and it feels nice and smooth. sort of smoothed out and feels very revolverish. I like it, the p99 is small enough for IWB carry. Very reliable, never ever had a jam, or failure of any kind...
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    Walther P22

    i have put thousand upon thousands of 22 rounds through my p22... over 50,000 for sure. it loves the cci mini mags for like the first 500 or so rounds, after that, it will eat pretty much anything in my opinion, remington bulk, federal, etc.. I also loved shooting velocitors, and stingers...
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    Glock cleaning question

    I have a walther p99, same finish, and I use rem oil, it dries and leaves a coat of teflon. I also use it on the inside of the slide and it does the same thing. Good stuff.
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    Favorite carry package for formal/semi-formal evenings?

    How about a nicely engraved walther PPK?? IWB tucked.. or if in jacket shoulder holster.
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    Big Bore Shooter???

    yeah why would he hold the thing in the front like that.. what happen to both hands on the grip.
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    Do you wanna know why people like Smith & Wesson ?

    Clint Eastwood never crossed my mind when I purchased my first Smith & Wesson..
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    Noob Questions...

    Wow those are small treasures, I know if my dad passed away, I would never sell the .22 single shot I learned to shoot on. Keep it, give it to your son/daughter, and tell them to pass it on and keep them in the family. Keep them oiled. Welcome to THR!
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    Is it so wrong to want a Lady Smith?

    Excellent pistols, yeah the trigger is lighter, as I have been browsing for 686s and 586s those seem to have a heavier trigger than my 60LS. Not to mention mine is smoooth! Yeah I have been thinking about getting another .357 snubbie. Ladysmith or not, the stainless finish rules. I have to...
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    Revo Cylinder Cleaning

    I use elbow grease, and remington's stuff, the grey looking stuff.. works great. But mostly time cleans that stuff out of mine, I like my ammo to drop right in, so after I am shooting .38s in my .357, i recommend keeping her clean.
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    removing fouling from a stainless slide

    i have switched from hopps to gunslick's stuff.. but.. it is really hard to remove, i use the remington stuff, works great.
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    Help me hide my Glock 27.

    dillon has that plan b tote.
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    best pistol caliber for carbine?

    Myself i would get a .357 henry, or marlin lever action (you can also shoot .38s through it). But I have been wanting to get a 9mm cx4 carbine from beretta. I would post this in the rifle forum.
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    IWB FOR P99

    i found kydex terribly uncomfortable.. here's mine. makes a perfect fit for the new p99.
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    Show Me Your Arsenal (Pic Heavy)

    since this is the handguns thread.. only going to put the handguns in here.. walther p22 walther p99 sig p226 s&w model 60LS springfield GI all in one case except for the smithy I have been keeping an eye out for either a ruger gp100 six incher or a s&w 686 6...
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    Sig CPO

    Yeah mine had very little wear. I have put the majority of the wear of the pistol myself. Very reliable pistol by far my favorite to shoot because of the light expense of the 9mm ammo. Very good pistol.
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    Sig CPO

    a CPO is factory inspected and given certification from the factory. I have a p226 and its a keeper.
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    Can you help a geezer pick out a new pistol?

    Hmm if you want a p99, just look at it, it will have the deer horn, the eagle over n proofmarks on the frame, slide, and barrel, those are made in germany. I have never seen a p99 that was half sw and half walther. This makes me wonder if the p99 slide will fit on a sw99 or vice versa...