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    Student Defends Home and Self with Handgun

    NEVER OPEN THE DOOR!!! Certainly not after-hours. Good on the guy for being able to recognize danger and effect his defense. The comment from the other student was a good addition to this story: Welcome to adult-hood, honey. Good time to realize you are your only hope.
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    Homeland Tours: Soldiers in our Streets?

    Local and state defense is the purview of the National Guard, under the command of the state governor. There is neither a reason, nor requirement for the standing army to do the job. If they need to be deployed to assist in an Evac or dispensing aid, okay... The governor should have that as...
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    911 Tape from home invasion- Texas

    Guy enters a (presumably, from code requirement) gated property and enters the couple's home with a gun, demands their money. They offer no resistance, even telling him to take their cars, just get out. He then proceeds to beat them terribly with a pipe he had with him. When he turns to beat the...
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    911 Tape from home invasion- Texas

    TR, I was thinking it was along those lines.:D
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    Early visitor

    One problem with a weapon mounted light is the fact you have to aim the weapon in that direction to utilize it. In this scenario, I doubt the cops would have appreciated being lit up by the light on a rifle. A rechargable Million candle spotlight might be the ticket here, and only cost...
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    911 Tape from home invasion- Texas

    One comment poster on the news link stated the intruder's death was being labled a homicide by the examiner. I wonder if the husband decided to (or was forcedto) finish him off when the wife went out to let the cops in. Maybe they label it such for the investigative purpose when dealing with an...
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    So my wife had a ND....of the worst kind.

    Another reminder to always check the gun to know it's condition. Or to be more specific to the rule, "treat every gun as if it's loaded." I'm glad she's okay, and I hope she's learned from this. Always rack the slide several times and visually check for ammo.
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    Mayor Bloomberg Announces Final Settlement in Groundbreaking Litigation

    Lets see...most places conduct a monthly audit, but we'll require either a daily (entirely impractical) or a quarterly (too much room for error over three months)..... You can tell the schmucks coming up with this have never done a gun audit.
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    Woman Harassed for Open Carry

    Lets try to keep things civil here, so we don't lose another interesting thread. A point was made that she may have been confronted by concerned parents regarding her choice to OC, and that she may have responded harshly back. Unless we see specific evidence that she responded in a...
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    newbie question - which old press to use?

    Sounds like someone bought a Dillon. OKay.... First, go here: This is Lee's Turret Press page. On there you can get instructions in PDF form (to verify your parts) and also get an idea...
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    Ruger SR9 vs S&W M&P 9

    The Ruger looks pretty slick, and from my fondling in the gun store, felt okay. THe recall issue is a concern, but Ruger's trying to do right. The M&P is two years on the market, has the bugs worked out, and have taken a good share of both the LEO and Civilian markets. Couple that with...
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    Woman Harassed for Open Carry

    I'm interested in what the legal definition of "would be likely to act in a dangerous manner to public safety" is. If OC is legal, and the gun never left the holster, then this woman has a case. The Ohio SC has found that OC rights are entirely independent of Conceal Carry rights. I'm not...
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    I got my first gun today!

    TJK, welcome to THR and gun ownership. A lot of us (myself included) take our 2A freedoms for granted sometimes. Then we hear about how bad it is in California or New York, and we say "that sucks." When we hear about some of the legal hoops other countries have, it really puts into perspective...
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    "This Gun Can't Kill You, But It Could Send You to Prison"

    I have one. A BB caliber PPK. The power level sucks because of the "blow-back action" slide being run by a 12gram CO2 cartridge. On the question, the reason BB guns do not have the orange tip is because they can be dangerous, even lethal. Pointing one at a cop should get you shot. If you don't...
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    Help with Glock Autoloader

    Sometimes you need a mag-loader, like loading a large number for a training course or competition, or a smaller caliber like 32 or 380 where fat thumbs and small case-wall exposure can hinder you. For those situations, I recommend the UpLula. Neat...
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    Confusion about background checks...

    The ID info is not transmitted to NICS. THe only thing on the second page given to NICS is the "Long Gun-Handgun" check boxes. To avoid any issues with a common name (John Smith, etc) either use your SSN or get the "special ID" number from the FBI, which involves a few papers and...
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    Ohio Gun Owners Win Another Round

    Ohio's towns and cities take the home-rule seriously. In many ways that keeps a lot of small-town Ohio as such, the way they like it. It does hinder a lot of other things, though. My personal feelings is for state-wide gun laws. It was just too easy before to get nailed for possession of a...
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    Heads up on Lee Pro Auto Disk

    I've loaded a lot of clays loads. A firm (hey man! that's my wife!) double tap on the housing will settle the powder and give you a better meter.
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    Walther P22?

    It does have cheap metallugy. However, the thing is fun, and the easiest 22 to pop a suppressor on. I got mine primarily for cheap defensive practice, as it has similar design and controls to full-size semi-autos. The accuracy of the 3.5" barrel could be better. The five inch is a waste of...
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    Opinions on unique powder?

    Unique burns dirty, at times incredibly dirty, unless the pressure is juuuuust right. You have to play with it in your loads until you get a clean burner. The main reason people still use it is the versatility and the power. It is the most versatile powder out there, so when you buy a pound or...