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    Bad Guys are heavily armed in Houston

    I think even with a handgun survival in this case is not too likely. Better to avoid it in the first place. As one person said I think that's only with the LE only ammo.
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    Any cool gun tips?

    I have not read all the pages, so this might already be mentioned, but natural point of aim is a good one. Point your gun at the taget, close your eyes, and see where it's pointing now. Adjust as needed.
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    Some Glock Trivia

    And one of them was a 1911 fan catchphrase. :neener:
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    How to convert your liberal friends (to win next election)

    I think the answer is to convert liberals the same way you would convert anyone else. The only difference is that unless they will vote pro-gun, make sure not to do anything to encourage them to vote. Can you please enlighten me on Reagan's anti-gun legislation? All that consensus does is...
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    Are our Gun Fights hiding our broad agreements?

    Quite simply, if the NRA is too extreme, what isn't? Compromising right now will gain nothing. The momentum is in our direction right now, not their's. Now would be a bad time to change tactics.
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    Gura's reply brief

    We have to wait til march for the arguments? Darn.
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    Activism list of dos and don'ts

    I got one to add. I remember seeing a picture of a sign, and it got me to thinking. Don't mention the Turner diaries.
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    Highpower for a 12 year old

    I don't know if you meant to type not allowed, but just to clarify, they're not allowed in silhouette.
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    The ACLU, an idea

    They get demonised because of stuff like the letter they sent to Ashcons. They're not even good with that. You know they once stopped a high school class president from speaking because of her religious views? A high school class president for crying out loud. In other words, they are open to...
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    My home made spinners ..LOL

    What, no duct tape? :) Not bad.
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    Where to find a M1903a3

    There were a few last time I was there, not sure if they are safe to shoot.
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    Take Two: How I've come to own a firearm

    None of the above. I don't own an AR or the like (though I highly oppose an AWB), and didn't grow up in a hunting family. I live in a somewhat liberal area :( but it's not a metro area :)
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    Will we ever get to have fully auto weapons?

    I don't think full auto will happen anytime soon. They allowed licensing in D.C., so they'd probably allow licensing with regard to full autos. I don't see anything immoral with throwing in an off topic amendment.
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    Activism list of dos and don'ts

    Like the title says, I thought it would be a good idea to create such a list. So far I've only got a few items. This should be applicable to a wide range of people and activities. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Italian Shotguns

    What for?
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    Corzine/Obama rallies in NJ MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

    Corzine has an NRA F-, Christie has no rating. He probably wouldn't be as bad as Corzine even if he did believe strongly in gun control just because his base isn't as supportive.
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    Pro-gun ownership but not pro-NRA?

    The NRA and NRA-ILA (Institute for legislative action) are not the same. The NRA or some division of the NRA handles competition, the NRA-ILA and NRA political victory fund handle politics, the NRA-ILA lobbies. That said though, we need the NRA, including the NRA-ILA and NRA political...
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    Favorite Ammo

    CCI standard velocity.
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    Precautions for census workers

    Surely you've heard of the census worker killed in Kentucky. What precautions could a census worker, really anyone going door-to-door, especially in a rural area, take?
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    $600 for a pistol

    No, however, a 10mm wheelgun can.