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    If you would like a 10mm XD.

    We have 549 now, fingers crossed.
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    If you would like a 10mm XD.

    Thanks you guys, we have 526 names now.
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    If you would like a 10mm XD.

    We are up too 510 names, keep them coming. Tell all your shooting buddies about this, hopefully some of them might be interested as well.
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    If you would like a 10mm XD.

    I think we are doing good so far with the amount of people signing. Currently at 497. Good job everybody.
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    If you would like a 10mm XD.

    Thanks possum, I really appreciate all the help we can get on this one.
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    If you would like a 10mm XD.

    If you would like a Springfield XD in 10mm please sign this petition. Hopefully if they see that people want it, they will get the Croatians to produce it. I copied this from another board. The more signatures the better though. If you...
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    Ideas for CCW holster for Springfield XD SC

    Don Hume 721OT for OWB carry.
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    Anybody carry a pistol in a crossdraw holster for CCW?

    the fallguy, What do you sell in the line of cross draw holsters. I really like the sky cop by desantis, but they do not make that holster for very many guns. I would like a very close reproduction of it for an XD, Is that possible?
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    Dead lithium batteries

    I have an E2E that does the same. It is either all or nothing.
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    Police department issued weapons

    I have 3 family members here in MI that are LEO's and they are all told what they can carry. One was issued a gun the other two were told what they had to buy.
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    I am not a fan of the Glock guns, I traded the only one I ever owned (G23) for an XD. I now have a few XD's. Glocks are good guns but they just don't feel good in my hand. Buy what ever fits you the best.
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    Ballistics Info For Self Defense Rounds (e.g. Comparing Self Defense Calibers)

    The "Shooters Bible" has a good reference on ballistics. I think it cost about 15.00 at walmart.
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    What to buy glock,Xd,CZ p01 or FN

    Of the guns you listed I have only ever owned the Glock and XD. I prefer the XD of those 2.
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    Another CCW question - XD sub or HK P2000 sub?

    A few years back when I was researching the XD service model, I found the width to be 1.2". I now own a service and sub-compact both .40, and they seem to be the same width. So I would not let the width difference between the 2 guns be a decideing factor (1/10th of an inch). I really like my...
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    a dilema... watch six or v-maxII

    If you order fast you may get one by next christmas. :neener:
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    -Opinion: Best Pocket Pistol

    I would have to sat that a J-Frame S&W is my favorite pocket gun. If you can't afford a S&W 340 get a 642. Nothing wrong with the 642, I just like .357mag better.
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    Need advice on the Springfield EMP

    I am glad to hear the good comments. I have seen a few for sale used already and I know they hav't been around that long. That had me concerned. The OP said this was the gun of the year, has it even been out a year yet.
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    Anyone else suffer from extreme buyers remorse?

    They have pills for this problem. Enjoy your new XD.
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    Smartcarry or Thunderwear

    Like the cylinder of the revolver. I vote for smartcarry.
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    The first rule of a gun fight is, to bring a gun. That said I personally will not carry anything less than a .38/9mm. I just sold a P-11 that was very reliable.