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    Modern Bolt Action 7.62x39?

    Krochus, you're missing the point. Never let facts get in the way of a good (or not-so-good) argument. :D
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    You folks talk the talk

    She ain't walkin'... Because she's too busy converting Goex FFg, beeswax, lard, and 535gr lead boolits into smoke. See below, at the moment she's using an 1874 Sharps Business Rifle to knock over some unfortunate 200 yard steel. There's something to be said for an Air Force guy to marry a...
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    THR Discount Offer from Missouri Bullet Company

    I'd like to place an order... But I'm concerned about leading using the 165gr .30-30 bullets listed. I normally run gas checks in my cast bullet rifle loads, and although 18 Brinell hardness is nice, I'm curious how fast customers have run those through the average Winchester 94/Marlin 336...
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    Lead or Jacketed?

    Weak poll. I cast my own, shoot cast, plated, and jacketed, in rifle and pistol. Part of my garage is anchored down with several hundred pounds of free wheelweights, so I'm actually casting more. For rifle and pistol rounds above 1000fps, I'm using gas checks, too.
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    Does anyone have an AR that has NEVER jammed?

    Not yet. My pre-'94 Colt Competition HBAR jams consistently at about the 200-300 round mark, forcing a thorough cleaning before it'll behave again. I attribute it to Colt being just a bit too tight on the tolerances for the sake of them being able to call it a competition model. My...
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    .30-06 vs. .308 Win.: Long Range Choice?

    That 2700fps figure... Is the muzzle velocity. The bullet ain't doing that till somewhere near the muzzle, so I'd definitely figure in some extra acceleration time into the mix. Faster bullets may also hit higher due to less flight time/less drop. You want to really play with "barrel...
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    BP or Pyrodex which is better?

    I've found Pyrodex to be more corrosive, too. I went back to straight Black Powder, and I have a stocking dealer within about an hour's drive from me. I also have several willow trees at my disposal, so if it ever gets to the point that I have to either go back to Pyrodex or make my own BP...
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    .30-06 vs. .308 Win.: Long Range Choice?

    Common misconception. From an engineering standpoint, a fluted barrel is stiffer than a comparable barrel turned to the minor diameter of the fluted barrel, but not quite as stiff as a comparable barrel turned to the major diameter of that same fluted barrel. You can't have your cake and eat...
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    What is 'burn rate' measuring ?

    Don't get too hung up on the "burn rate" thing. It won't really help you in load development. Leave that to the published load manuals, and work up your loads from starting amounts paying attention to pressure signs and accuracy. Never say never, either. Case in point: The above is a...
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    .30-06 vs. .308 Win.: Long Range Choice?

    They're equally accurate. There's no such thing as an "inherently accurate cartridge". I've had a long-standing offer in response to the old and tired argument of the .308 vs. .30-06. Oddly, nobody's taken me up on it, even over the course of several years. Here it is again: Buy me...
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    Thank God for my Dillon 550B

    Reloading is cheaper. I reload 24 different chamberings. The only factory ammo I buy is rimfire. I have many obscure, obsolete, and wildcat chamberings. Lead bullets are inferior? Oh, please! You're talking to folks who have decades of reloading experience, and you're telling them they're...
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    M14 Article: Part Three

    I dunno... I haven't seen a $3-4K AR-10. SR-25, sure, but that's also the gun Uncle Sam has purchased for use because it works. An AR-10 is what the civilian M1A above has been converted to, in a not-so-roundabout fashion. HorseSoldier speaks true.
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    M14 Article: Part Three

    Congratulations. Looks like you managed to build an AR-10/SR-25 out of an M14/M1A action, albeit considerably heavier. Imititation is the sincerest form of flattery, in that respect. ;) And yes, I'm a big M14 fan. I have been since I bought my first M1A in the early 1990s. I still keep and...
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    About handgun "Match" ammo.

    Focus on the bullet. Case trimming for autoloading pistols? I haven't done it in tens of thousands of my reloaded rounds, through IPSC/USPSA, IDPA, IHMSA, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, and PPC. My favorite .45 ACP bullet is the Hensley & Gibbs #68 200gr SWC. My match loads looks...
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    1903 Springfield

    Nice rifle! Don't take this the wrong way, but it's been rebuilt or at a minimum restocked. That's a 1903A3 "Scant" stock. Keep your eyes open for a 1903A1 "C-type", or a 1903 finger groove straight stock, it would be more appropriate for the earlier Springfield or Rock Island 1903 actions...
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    m1-m1a conversion

    It's called the Beretta BM-59.
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    Vietnam era "Special" weapons

    Like I said before... "Who?" IOW, one article from "Tactical-Life" does not a highly-coveted, resounding success of a military weapons system make, hand-holding or otherwise. Hell, I saw our guys using these .300 Win Mag BAR conversions during my government-paid vacation in Bosnia. I...
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    Vietnam era "Special" weapons

    So, once again I ask... Who, exactly, dubbed it "The Ultimate Semi-Auto Sniper System"? We all know you're the poster child here at THR for the M14/M1A family w/bolted on hardware. That's no big deal, I've owned several in my time, competed at Camp Perry with others using the platform...
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    Vietnam era "Special" weapons

    Pray tell... Who, exactly, dubbed it that? :scrutiny:
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    New 1918A3 BAR

    It's not full-auto. Read his description again. It's a semi-auto repro, much like the semi-auto M1919 and M2 conversions out there as also offered via Ohio Ordnance, etc. No different in paperwork than a 10/22 or Remington 700, in that respect. I'm assuming the carry handle is either offset...