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    Recommend a lightweight AR15

    The Del-Ton Sport II noted above is a great value IMO.
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    .32 S&W Long - Load data, powder, and pressure questions

    This is relevant to a current back-of-the-desk project of mine. Basically trying to get >900fps using the Hornady 85-gr. JHP (4.2” SP-101 in .327). Current plan is to work up to ~3.1-gr. HP-38 but likely better powders.
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    What's your favorite 1911?

    This thread is borderline epic. For me, all of them...for different reasons. -The factory demo Competition model because it has a ridiculously good trigger & unique stuff that didn't make it into the production models. -The 70 Series .38 Super because I wanted one since I was a kid & my old...
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    9mm PCC Bolt choice?

    This one: “Running it fast” you may also consider the buffer from KAK Industries that uses sliding weights.
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    Best budget red dot?

    IMO, hard to beat this: Made by DI Optical in S. Korea. They make legit stuff.
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    1911 Sight Cut question

    From the pics, looks like Kimber to me:
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    Why I’m Cleaning my AK Today

    I’d imagine folks with AK-74’s/variants are going to have it a bit worse. Hoping for more domestic and foreign production of both 5.45x39 and 6.5G.
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    Question for 6.5 Grendel AR owners/ordering a barrel

    The longer the barrel is, the more time the bullet spends exiting. Even the long stuff like 129-gr. will apparently stabilize just fine out of 20-24 inch tubes w/ 1:9. IIRC, Alexander Arms (started by the guy that designed the cartridge) still uses 1:9 in their longer barrels. I don't think...
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    Question for 6.5 Grendel AR owners/ordering a barrel

    This would be a good compromise but still over 30-oz (32.1): Faxon makes 18 and 20-inch "Gunner" profile barrels that are very light...just difficult to find in stock these days.
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    Question for 6.5 Grendel AR owners/ordering a barrel

    IMO 24” is too long and many are some kind of heavy profile so carrying it gets old fast. A good compromise is 18-20” medium profile. You don’t really need 1:8 twist in 20” and longer barrels with the 6.5G. I don’t have a Grendel barrel longer than 16” at this point.
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    Browning Black Label Medallian pro is home.

    My 1911-380 was a great pistol. Recoil is probably half the Baby Rock (compared mine to Llama MicroMax) due to the Browning being locked breech vs. blowback operated. The Brownings are also very much scaled-down 1911’s in design.
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    Best Hunting Scopes Under $300

    2nd recommendation for the Bushnell Engage 3-9x40 this evening. Available with and without illumination.
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    Never owned a scope, literally: age 66. Brand-new PTR-91 (has rail).

    Something like a Bushnell Engage 3-9x40 (available both with and without reticle illumination) and a set of Warne rings would work well. I’ve found the glass in their S. Korean scopes to be nice for the money spent.
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    Can too little crimp cause smoke(38spl)

    Smokeless powder……. x3 on bullet lube….
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    32 long colt

    It’s a fantastic target cartridge. I spent a decent time searching for a .32 S&W chambered revolver with adjustable sights. I missed the first & only (most likely) deal on a Colt PP Target in .32 about 5-years ago. I settled for a Ruger SP-101 in .327 Fed. & shoot more .32 S&W Long w/...
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    Any calibers going a bit "Stale" in your collection?

    Sans 7x57 I sold off all the weapons in “odd ball” calibers. The only one I miss a bit is probably the 49/56.
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    1911 Guy's Help. Torn Between Two Guns.

    If you need/want a 1913 rail, the SA. Sig had kinks w/ their 1911’s early on but nothing bad lately. Either would be GTG.
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    Llama Micromax 1911 style .380 comparison of older and newer models?

    Still blowback. In that class, the best option IMO is the Browning 1911-380. Get a decent holster & you’ll get used to cocked/locked within a couple days of carrying.
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    Recommendations for an AR based on this wish list?
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    Lee Pro 1000

    I had to put the Pro 1000 on hold but getting back to it. I think @ this point I’m either missing something simple or just plain being a dufus... I can’t seem to get the die holes in the turret to line up with corresponding openings in the shell plate. In other words, hand cycling a case...