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    bolt action vs lever action...

    i wonder which is best for hunting wild boar
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    10mm glock 29 or Sig 239 .40

    do you still like the G29?
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    depriming live primers

    So What? Have primers changed in the last four years? So What? The original poster was the only one that reloaded? What? It's been covered by an old timer like you but it hasn't been covered by people that are half your age maybe not. Dude! Listen to yourself. How do you think I even...
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    depriming live primers

    what kind of gloves? and I never heard of a universal depriming die? does LEE make one? or are you talking about the same die that takes out the already spent primer? too different kind of dies?
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    depriming live primers

    what would you have done if they were cheap?
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    depriming live primers

    Once you deprime a live primer, can you use it again? Say if you took the cartridge apart because the brass was bad or something?
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    depriming live primers

    can't you take them to a shooting range and they will dispose of them there?
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    depriming live primers

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    Dillion 550B vs 650 vs Lee

    dude, you make it sound too much like work. reloading is suppose to be relaxing and fun.
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    Dillon Square Deal vs. RL 550B

    This sounds like really good advice.
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    newbie: Choosing Turret vs Progressive

    Wow man. Now that's what I'm talking about!
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    What's your favorite knife?

    Blackhawk MOD ATFK