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    What bothers you most about brick and mortar gun stores?

    A salesman who refused to even let me hold the gun I asked to see because it was the wrong caliber for me. The store with only "hot counter girls" who have no idea if they have a product and tell me to look in different areas of the store. And no you can't talk to a male because they are busy...
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    cleaning rods

    A barrel full of carb cleaner overnight might might work.
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    tell me about the 25 auto cartridge?

    Trying to get the thumb on the grip safety just right, the second finger around the grip just right and the trigger finger just so on the Colt baby Browning is time consuming and iffy. Neat historical guns, but you need Pee Wee Hermans Pee Wee hands to shoot more than a shot every few seconds...
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    Using motor oil on guns.

    Castrol 20-50 on BSAs & Triumphs for decades. Gotta be good for guns, too. Caution: watch for dark spots on the floors. Any of the plastic gun makers say not to use automotive products on their wares?
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    What does the Sig 2022 do well?

    I forgot I got a security holster that the light fit in, too. OTD for $603. It was definitely a bargain.
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    Steel guide rods, good or just a feel good.

    I'll bet if I handed anyone two guns, same model, one with a steel rod and one with a plastic rod , there would only be WAGs as which was heavier or lighter.
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    What does the Sig 2022 do well?

    Maybe it depends on the day of the week. The LGS took an unopened case after showing me the one the customers get to handle. Laser/light, night sights, one extra grip, lock, one mag in the gun and no place for a second one in the case. Costly buggers too. I paid $40 -$45 25 years ago for...
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    Steel guide rods, good or just a feel good.

    The Sig P250c I bought in January this year had a steel guide rod. When I ordered extra springs, they came captured on plastic rods. I bought some original springs from TopGun. Originals are round wire and replacements are flat ';wire'. I also bought a steel rod for the Sig SP2022, which came...
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    What does the Sig 2022 do well?

    Someone got two mags with their gun? Must have been a mistake. The one complaint I hear about Sigs is they come with one mag, unless it's the gen 1 P250, which no one seems to want.
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    How many round? Keltec P32

    If you look carefully at the rim profiles of different ammo,(magnifying glass) you will see different profiles. Some work great with KT and others won't, I've marked the ammo boxes with which 32 gun they work in. The extractor can be picky. Never had the rim lock issue. My most reliable 32...
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    School me on 22 LR ammunition

    Rem golden bullet in the 50 round boxes, made the last few years are awful in my semi's. The ones I bought bulk years ago and decided to try recently are great. I keep a list of what works in which gun. If it won't cycle a semi it goes into revolvers, pump, levers ets. CCI works in everything I...
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    What could go wrong in 100 years? No 2nd amendment.
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    Hard Chrome Finishes: Matte, Brushed, Satin?

    have a Savage model 1915 done is satin hard chrome. The company - no longer in business - left all markings alone at my request. Gave the area they were on the slightest polish but you wouldn't know it. It is a good finish, doesn't scratch easily and on my Savage anyway, it looks great. The...
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    Smart Guns FYI

    If MR Mauch has been feeling guilty his entire career, why hasn't he changed to designing tea pots or toys? It sounds like he has been carefully coached in what to say. But did he personally build and sell H&Ks products? No. So why is taking credit/responsibility for possible misuse? Was that...
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    Dropping the slide on an empty chamber

    Could you clarify what is not recommended on a pump shotgun?
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    Dropping the slide on an empty chamber

    My keltec P32 locks back after the last round. It's a first gen model.
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    Para Pro Custom 14:45

    My P-O Tac four is essentially a Commander sized gun that was advertised as a 13 rounder. IF I want to seat a mag with the slide closed and 13 rounds in the mag hell will have to freeze over first. The frame feels comfortable to me and not fat as the grips are so thin. I also wear large sized...
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    I know everybody hates Hi-Point...

    A 0.8 pound trigger pull and 1mm length of pull. You'll never get it out of the holster without an ND.
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    Dropping the slide on an empty chamber

    The reason one drops the slide home with the slide lock is the same reason one flips the cylinder closed on a revolver: Mall Ninja Coolness! Also impresses girls and non-gun type people. Oh yeah, it's probably been done in the movies so it has to be OK.
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    Live round ejected with previous spent casing - ideas?

    I had a Ruger P90 & P345 that both did that. Eject a live round with the empty case. Ruger never figured either one out. Both got traded in for different brand new guns. Both were bought new and had less than 200 rounds through them. Four shot semi's are a pain.