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    Does the ATF actually do this?

    heviarti for a more reasonable and fully informed argument why not use the 10/22 stock that allowed the whole firearm to reciprocate to SIMULATE F/A. The ATF said it was ok in a letter and then rescinded later. The real problem with the ATF is that they try to ban ingenuity. They can't...
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    Found a gun

    +1 CoRoMo Never, would I ask advice of others on something like this unless I was (A)looking for someone to make me feel better about a decision I made while being less than honest about all the details, or (B) I was wanting to rub it in on my buddies here, what good fortune I had at a finding...
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    Interesting Article on Gun-Control And Mexico Cartel Violence

    partial transcript from CNN (Lou Dobbs) DOBBS: Enforcing the ones that we do have. Eric Holder making it very clear that it's one of the reasons that he was -- well, gun ownership groups all over the country opposing him and then here in less than -- in just over a month in office, he is out...
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    Guy shoots himself at local gun shop.

    Duke I never thought about that whole scenario of coming to your house and doing that texting police etc. THAT IS scary! Makes you really evaluate who knows what about you and your "stuff".
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    Interesting Article on Gun-Control And Mexico Cartel Violence

    more lunacy from the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Obama to beef up Mexico border policy (ha!) WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Obama administration announced a major increase in security funding and the...
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    Robbery at a gunshow FAIL!!!

    What should be the most troubling statement The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office said that law enforcement officers arrived within five minutes of being called, and the man was taken into custody. Shows me that even the best response is too late. If this man was shooting folks...but then...
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    Interesting Article on Gun-Control And Mexico Cartel Violence

    logic Ok the US GOVERNMENT supplies the Mexican government, ADMITTEDLY COOPTED by drug cartels, weapons, military equipment, night vision, advanced optics and audio, and they want to blame the civilian market when the sh$% ends up in cartel hands. LMFAO tell me another one! Thats funny! By the...
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    Guy shoots himself at local gun shop.

    This will almost certainly result in some other restriction such as mental health screenings now going in to the shall/may issue process as well as places no longer renting firearms. Although I understand the suicide portion from certain perspectives such as terminal illness (my grandfather...
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    No SC CCW agreement w/ other states!

    when in SC glove box or console (wherever your registration and PO Insurance is NOT) Keep it there and SHADDUP! There is a new rash of disarmaments here that didn't used to happen. alot by SCHP, I suspect an anti-type training officer according to my experience. Don't tell, because you don't...
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    From your LEO experience when pulled over

    I was always the good guy until recently Was told that I needed to be disarmed for officer safety as he was told to do by his training officer. More and more folks in SC are seeing this form of what I (personally) deem as harassment of law abiding citizens who carry. Rather than fight a losing...
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    gun show "no ccw" sign ?

    I always thought the zip tie thing was a bit of -"salutory neglect", Easy enough to remove and in no means would stop a whole basket ball arena sized mass of people from popping it off with a knife and arming in seconds if needed. Although I see the irony, I thought that if it had to be any...
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    A little good news!

    SC is similar when I bought my first two pistols (awhile back) I callled to "register" my .22 revolver since it was a FTF purchase from an individual. When I called SLED (regulatory services), the guy asked why I would want to register my firearm, "I thought it was the law", I replied. The guy...
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    How do you guys feel about this?

    do you think... there are some western states that have laws that allow persons younger than 18 to possess handguns. Montana allows 14 year olds to posses a handgun. The answer like above is nope Perfectly safe depending on the person, just like anything else in this world it is the...
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    What is the argument for reinstating the AWB?

    I wonder if sometime in the future these laws O is passing.... You know, the "gotta-pass-them-quick, no-no-dont-read-them" bills, I wonder if they'll be remembered in our future history books as this generations' "Intolerable Acts"? We all sit and try to draw the line in the sand over the...
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    Are we crying wolf

    sorry this is late to the game but I had to comment on something I keep hearing he is a great speaker. Apparently I must not be inhaling the same stuff. The uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uhuh uh uh uh uh uh uh between every sentence doesn't make him sound very great to me. What I...
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    Come over to the dark side: Join APS

    Joined! looks like what I was actually looking for when I joined here. A little less "restricted" though.
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    National CCW reciprocity bill introduced

    Taurus has a great point Although I am sure the bill indeed is well meaning, it sets precedence of federal governement interference in states' rights. IT amazes me how things that sound like great ideas, sound terrible when the possession of them changes hands. I'm sure some thought the...
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    weapons seizures in washington state

    you may have been released but you may actually see charges when you walk into court. We are not lawyers but you D**n sure need one. You are about to have some stuff thrown at you to see what sticks. how many people were at the house? (as far fetched as it may seem RICO could be involved)...
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    This home association should act fast before

    I'll even provide a grill here ya go all made with a hog in mind
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    Dumbest thing you've seen at the range?

    visiting a buddy in Bluffton (1st week in Jan) we went to the range. Old dude walks over to talk with his firearm loaded, finger IN the trigger guard, and using it to point at stuff. including holding it at his side pointed down at the concrete floor of the range with me trying to keep out of...