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    New Marlin 60 Shoots All Over the Place

    It is possible to scope, doesn't mean it is a match gun. A simple 4x15 is good enough for small game at 50 yards.
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    New Marlin 60 Shoots All Over the Place

    You can scope a Nylon66...
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    M1 Carbine vs new pistol caliber carbines

    Which pistols take M1 magazines? There is your answer. Appeal is mostly to do with being able to use a longarm that accepts the same mags as your sidearm. The M1 has the same issues as the MP5, UZI, Thompson, etc.
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    Thoughts on .327 SP-101?

    That is what's in it now, until I get some of the 85s to try, or just load some 100s a little milder.
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    Thoughts on .327 SP-101?

    Have a 4" GP and an LCR. The GP is fantastic and a pleasure to shoot, the LCR is..unpleasant, I suppose. Not atrocious but not a range gun. I would assume the SP is somewhere in between.
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    9mm vs armor?

    If you are worried about shooting bad guys with armor, it is stupidly easy for them to be wearing AR500 rather than a soft cover. 9x19 isn't doing crap against that. 2 to the chest, then pelvic girdle unless you have an easy headshot.
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    Anyone see the new Sig 365?

    Compare to a Sccy that holds a nominal 10+1, def 11 and possibly 12 with a little follower work. Advantage Sig for factory tritiums and striker design if that is your preference, but 3x the cost of the Sccy...
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    Does your caliber choice change if you're carrying in an area where drugs are prevalent?

    I just carry a small black balloon filled with sand in my pocket. I figure if I toss it and run, they won't be chasing after me.
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    New Rules for CMP 1911's

    Another alternative is just buy one of Sarco's parts kits and build your own. It is not much investment, you end up with a mixmaster on a new frame, and you get the satisfaction of building it and learning the ins and outs in detail. Agreeing to no C&Rs was assinine and a total turnoff from...
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    Would you? Remington R51 for $300 new?

    Well I bought a 2nd gen Sccy for like $200, it has been flawless. Plenty of good reviews in the Gen 2 PT111s. I guess giving it a second chance isn't that risky.
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    8 Shots: Enough?

    Only reason I can think of for it not being enough is if you get a little trigger happy. Keep a handgun around too if you are concerned...the fastest reload is a second gun.
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    25 acp or other mouse calibers!

    Seecamp. 25, 32 and 380 are the same and very tiny.
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    AR-15 or Shotgun...

    I want to say AR because you can't short stroke it or bungle reloads as easily, but really you would be better off with something like the cheap EAA DA/SA 9mms for self-protection duty (~$300). If things are that bad where you need a small fire team at longer ranges, you will either a) be dead...
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    --big Question on a Charter BULLDOG--?

    I have Eagle Secret Service on mine. Looks great, conceals better, and I don't have to worry about carrying a reload because after 5 shots I've got an arm off.
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    Maybe odd... .44special defensive plinker?

    327 is not a pipsqueak, especially in light guns. Use the 85 grainers, load your own (best choice due to ammo scarcity and price) or step down to H&R for plinking and comfort.
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    Ruger LCR

    Have a's a handful with full power loads, I imagine 357 would be most unpleasant. As mentioned the DA pull is exceptional. They are a bit larger than other DA only options like Js or Charters with boot grips.
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    Battle of The Carbines : M-1 or High-Point ?

    Aside from cost, there is basically no reason to choose the HP over...anything, let alone the M1. M1 can be classic, or modernized with plastic and an optic if so desired.
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    Need ammo recommendation for Kel-Tec P32

    Euro (S&B, Prvi, Fiocchi, etc) 32 is best. I prefer FMJ in anything below 9x17 (and about 50% in that), but will shoot JHP if I can prove they work (Hornady 6.35 seem 100% in a Seecamp 25). I have had generally good luck with Magtech but it seems a bit dirty compared to S&B.
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    mousegun caliber question

    LCP with the Hogue grip and Magguts is pretty great...7+1 in a tiny package. NAA is also carried by rarely as a primary unless I can't conceal anything bigger.
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    Fixed or Variable Leopold Scout Scope?

    nm...Went with the fixed power!