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    Fed court strikes down oppressive NJ ccw restrictions

    Wow. Nice to see. I always said that the Dark and Fascist State of NJ would not reform itself, and would have to have reform imposed upon it.
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    Supreme Court Issues Final Ruling: NYSRPA v. Bruen

    First i heard of this
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    Biden Admin. on NY

    The ACLU has never been institutionally gun friendly. The TL;DR is that they were founded to defend communists and socialists from being oppressed by Woodrow Wilson's regime, which was fair to characterize as a prototype for fascism. The Fascist v Communist/Socialist divide would form the major...
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    Link to oral arguments audio for tomorrow's SCOTUS 2nd Amendment case - NY SRPA Inc. v. Bruen

    I listened to all two hours of the oral arguments, the transcript will be a gold mine for years to come. Compressing it way short: The essential argument for the Dark & Fascist State of New York was that since Heller went with a "text, history and tradition" approach, NY has shown a long...
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    SCOTUS narrows question in the NY State Gun Rights Case

    The reframing of the question is of some concern, but my parsing of the thing indicates it can go either way. The issue is muddy, because Heller imports "longstanding" infringements, and when the history of infringements is recited, you see that the vast majority of them have been done by...
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    Goodbye, Johnny Guest

    Removes hat, bows head in silence.
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    Flying to Pennsylvania from Florida with my handguns

    I fly between Florida and PA with handguns all the time. IT'S NO BIG DEAL, BECAUSE PA AND FL ARE FREE AMERICAN STATES. The ticket agent won't even look at you funny. The problems occur when one state is NOT a free state, or when someone fails to read and follow the directions listed under...
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    ATF Proposed Frame/Receiver Rule Comments

    Now that the proposed rules are out, has anyone who properly knows how to read and interpret them given them a run through?
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    Art Eatman Passed

    Damnit. Art will be missed. As a fixture, it never even really occurred to me that he was as mortal as the next man. Rest in Peace.
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    Philadelphia CCW

    The only difference with PHL is that a permit is required for open carry, unlike the rest of the state. Permits accepted anywhere else in the state are accepted by PHL. PHL is constantly being slapped by the state supreme court for attempting to implement gun control measures that they don't...
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    PA residents, contact your representatives!

    Traditionally, the Judiciary Committee is where such bills go do die their typical, horrible death. Keeping an eye on the composition of that committee is one of the key details.
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    Chris Christy: Anyone Know His Stance on 2A issues?

    The majority of citizens of the Dark and Fascist state of NJ are institutional hoplophobes who consider interest in firearms to be socially aberant, which can manifest in all sorts of weird, stressy ways, ranging all the way up to ostracization and loss of business opportunity. Chris Christy...
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    Why don't politicians roll back gun control?

    Let's examine a simple example, that would require zero *new* legislature: Most people convicted of many crimes punishable by > 1 year in jail find themselves defined to be a prohibited person when it comes to possessing guns. A part of that law, the Gun Control Act of the late 60's...
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    Home defense handgun

    Sigh. "What house defense gun for unenthusiastic shooter only willing to put in the bare minimum effort?" No, not a shotgun. They are creatures of vast noise and recoil, and generally disliked by folks fitting that description. No, not a handgun, they take more to master than they're willing...
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    late night blocked roadway...

    Driving through Camden NJ in the mid 80's, the robbers had setup a stolen "detour" sign, which lead to a side street with an obvious ambush setup down the end of it. Seeing a car roll in to seal the trap in the rearview, stunt driving ensued. Fortunately, they didn't give chase once I got out...
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    Ky. plan aims to arm teachers, mitigate active shooter situations

    Bottom line, illustrated as a chain of consequence: 0) People of initiative, independence and common sense aren't able to muster an effective counter to 1) The people who fear armed teachers more than they fear what in their mind is the abstract, theoretical threat of a madman, and are able...
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    NJ: Magazine Capacity Restriction Vetoed

    OK, fine. Christie vetoed another round of mag restrictions. Don't forget the bills he DID sign off on. It frankly matters little: NJ is so broken that making the rubble bounce doesn't change the picture much. The 10% of NJ residents that happen to also own guns are abusable-at-will by the...
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    Guns not wanted in "family-friendly" Target

    The open carriers are failing at their stated intentions of normalizing the public carriage of arms. Logic dictates that they will re-assess their efforts. If not, we must then question their objectives.
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    So why were the anti's pretty much dormant the last two decades?

    Your question needs to change to "Why have the anti's been INEFFECTIVE?" They've certainly been active. I can see several reasons why, most of them rooted in the public's general acceptance of arms: 1) Americans only accept their message to a very limited degree, that "common sense" level...