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    Question about Springfield XD guide rod

    It's normal. I have an XD45 Service. My guide rod hasn't snagged anything. It's a non-issue. ZM
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    Am I lucky? Or do cheap holsters work?

    I have a Uncle Mike's Paddle holster for my XD45's that works great. Rugged and comfortable. The XD Gear paddle that comes with XD's works very well too. My other holsters I paid good money for to get quality. ZM
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    DPMS or Olympic AR15?

    Neither Oly or DPMS will win any brownie points for quality or customer service. DPMS is hit or miss on quality and uniformity of parts and tolerances. Some run good, some don't. Oly is junk. Stay away. Try Del-ton if you need a quality low end AR. When buying an AR it is best to...
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    Steven's Point, WI student not charged for gun on school property

    This kind of BS just makes my blood boil. Back in the stone age(1978), I would keep my 7MM in the trunk of my car and proceed directly to the hills after school. Some kids even had the nerve to keep their rifles in the window racks of their pick-ups in the school parking lot. Funny that the...
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    .45 Kriss

    I think they need to drop one off at my house for T&E. Wonder if it would help me burn up my stash of 45 Super? ZM
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    Whose worse? Glock Homers or XD Homers

    I think the Glock homers are far more annoying than any of the other homers combined. They've been at it longer, and have perfected the fine art of whining. Hope the Glock guys have a sense of humor today. ZM
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    Help me pick my new deer rifle.

    I have a Vanguard in 300 Weatherby. It's an excellent rifle. ZM
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    how can I date my rifle

    A little Hoppes #9 behind the ears....... Going downhill fast ZM
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    46.0 gr IMR 4350 in .270

    I tried IMR-4350 just for something to do. Got some nifty cloverleaf groups with the 135gr Matchking. Worked pretty good with Hornady 140gr BT bullets too. I have since stopped using 4350. No performance reason. Just narrowed down my 270 loads to three instead of eight. My only powder...
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    What are the benefits of a rifle for HD?

    In order of preference AR15. Less recoil and more ammo than my HD shotgun. Much fast follow-up shots. Hang a flashlight off of it, shorten the stock an inch and it's good to go. Shotgun. My HD shotgun had a 18.5" barrel. Easy to use in halls and confined spaces, but kicks pretty hard...
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    46.0 gr IMR 4350 in .270

    The 52.5 gr IMR 4350 load clocks at 2790fps All of my other 270 loads use H4831SC. The 130gr loads run right at 3000 fps. ZM
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    UPPER dissolution... Help my first ar upper choice

    20" 1/7 twist 5.56 chamber chrome lined barrel and chamber carbon fiber ff tube ZM
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    Do you decap before you tumble?

    Depends. Everything but .223 gets deprimed first. My AR is hungry. I load .223 in 300-500 round batches. Tumble Spray with lots of One Shot Resize Tumble again to get the one-shot off the cases decap etc. etc. Repeat hundreds of times. ZM
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    300 Savage Hand loads

    Try some RL-15 I'm using 165gr Hornady flat-base Interlock bullets. Anywhere from 40-43 grains RL-15. 43 grains is one grain under book max for the 300 Savage. Data is from the Speer Manual. ZM
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    Your Top .223 Loads

    Usual "try my load at your own risk" disclaimer applies. WSR Primers Remington brass Clocked at 3208 avg. This is my standard mass produced bumming-around-ammo. CMMG 20" govt profile upper Stag Lower I had to take a picture. If I didn't, nobody would believe it. ZM
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    Building AR upper

    I had to tear mine apart to install a carbon fiber handguard. Pretty ingenious and simple engineering. ZM
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    Building AR upper

    Here are the tools. You don't need them all. I use: E R L and maybe Q if you stay with the standard handguard. A sturdy bench, big vise a ball peen hammer and a small brass hammer. The aluminum barrel jaws from Brownells are a big help. They aren't shown here. Instructions here...
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    New .223 advice

    AR15 Oops. Didn't see the $500 limit. Buy lower first Buy upper later. Other than that the AR fits your criteria ZM
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    .22 Hornet or .223 for varmit cal.

    Ream the .22 Hornet out to .22 K-Hornet. Makes the Hornet much easier to reload for and sort out. If it were me I'd opt for .223. ZM