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    Gun heavily fouled up

    Nope. Everything's fine. My 75B and SP-101 both look like this. The inside of the slide and frame don't have any finish (which is a paint) and that coppery hue is probably just the color of the steel after heat treatment.
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    Used Ruger Super Redhawk question

    I got my 480 SRH brand new with target grey rings for $575 about 5-6 years ago. The dealer didn't make a much of a profit on that one. The prices of SRHs seem to vary a lot. I've seen used ones in excellent condition go for $550-750 with most around $600. IMO $750 is too high (unless it has...
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    Browning A-Bolt II Hunter, or Ruger M77 Hawkeye?

    Why is the Browning junk? If you don't give any specific reasons then your input isn't worth anything. If you're going to take the time to reply to a thread you may as well make your post worthwhile to read. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you, I'm honestly curious about your reasoning...
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    S&W 637 finish

    I purchased a 637 a little over 2 years ago and have carried it IWB since then. It doesn't come out of the holster much, probably just 1-3 times a month for a wipe down and quick inspection. Mine has a clear coat over the anodized finish. The coating has rubbed and chipped off of some...
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    Browning A-Bolt II Hunter, or Ruger M77 Hawkeye?

    I forgot about that. I bedded two M77s for a friend, both of which had small cracks in that spot. The cracks weren't enough to affect anything, but Ruger's wood stock fit in those two M77 (one was the early version, the other a MKII) was laughable. I don't know how the Hawkeyes compare to the...
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    Browning A-Bolt II Hunter, or Ruger M77 Hawkeye?

    Between the M77 and A-Bolt I'd pick the A-Bolt. I like the M77 a lot. It's well made, I like the safety, and controlled round feed is nice. However, from all I've seen A-Bolts are more accurate than M77s. I also like the A-Bolt's shorter bolt lift and lighter weight (which can help if you're...
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    what's wrong with Winchester ammo?

    That didn't sound harsh to me. He's just saying the bulk ammo has problems that Winchester needs to fix and once they're fixed everything will be ok. It's not like he was bashing the company itself or telling anyone to completely stay away from them for no good reason. I agree. He could be...
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    CZ 75B or Sig 226? Which is a better buy?

    If I had to go out and buy one right now I'd get the CZ 75B simply due to cost. If a 226 CPO was available at around the same cost then I would buy it. Currently I own a 225, 228, and CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical and have owned a 75B in the past. The biggest non subjective difference between these...
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    Oil bottles/cans : what do you use ?

    Hey hso, Why ATF? Does it lube better than regular engine oil?
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    Handgun observations from a relatively new owner/shooter

    You sure have had a lot of bad luck with semis. I've owned many more autos than revolvers and I've never had a malfunction except for a RIA 1911 that wasn't really fitted properly. My list of guns I've owned includes a couple of Sigs, a couple of CZs, a Glock, LCP, P3AT, 22/45, couple of...
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    Work-alike guns

    I've thought of this before, which is why all of my defensive handguns are DAO or DA/SA with no manual safeties. I own all sorts of handguns but won't keep a handgun for defense unless all I have to do to make it go bang is pull the trigger.
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    Lighter AR

    I've found myself in a similar situation. You should consider modifying your current upper. It is very very easy to swap barrels and forearms on an AR. A wrench and action block will be around $60. A plain aluminum free float tube is as cheap at $30-40 for one from Model 1 Sales (the...
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    Pawn Shop Taurus 85

    In case the original poster didn't catch this: You don't need snap caps. Snap caps won't tell you if the gun's out of time or has endshake. IMO if it checks out okay and I could talk them down to around $200-220 then I'd consider it a...
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    Show off your new or old target pistol.

    Onmilo, What is that single shot in your second pic? Is it a Stevens? My wife's grandfather has a pistol that looks just like that and I've been trying to figure out how much it's worth, when they were made, and how well they shoot.
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    Used Value

    Searching auction sites or sites like bud's guns will give you a pretty good idea. Gun shops and pawn shops will give you 50-60% of the gun's used value in most cases. It's a rip off for you but fair for them because of their overhead costs. A private party sale is the best option if you want...
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    Remington 700 vs Ruger M77

    I'm talking about sporter weight barreled rifles.
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    Remington 700 vs Ruger M77

    I'd pick the M77. I have a bunch of friends with Rem 700 and I have yet to witness one shooting as well as people say (people claim "1MOA all day long"). That said, they aren't bad in accuracy and they have the potential to be real accurate rifles. Getting one trued and rebarreled should be...
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    Scope for a T3

    I have a T3 with a Leupold VXI 3-9x40mm. If I had the money i would do what rbernie did and get a VXIII 1.5-6x33mm. That scope is well suited to a lightweight T3. I have owned a Bushnell 3200 and have played with different Nikons and the Burris Fullfield II. I used to be a Leupold hater but...
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    5.56mm Winchester Whitebox

    You are correct. The majority of 223 is not crimped. A few commercial loads will be crimped. These are usually self defense/duty loads.
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    Tikka T3 vs. Tikka T3 Lite in 308

    I assume the subject is the T3 hunter (wood stock) vs T3 lite (synthetic). There shouldn't be a difference in inherent accuracy between the two. They're both the exact same except for the stock. Many people would find it easier to shoot a heavier gun more accurately, but that's a shooter issue...