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    Holy Big Bore Batman!!!

    What exactly is the caliber of a Chevy Silverado? :D
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    AK-47 kB on video.

    I watched the video and paused it when he had the failure. there is no smoke coming out of the barrel for the misfire so I'm guessing that a bullet got lodged in the barrel and the next round blew up and backfired. The guy said the spring was still in the AK so that's what makes me think the...
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    Has Anyone Ever Served As 'Weapons Master' On A Film Set?

    I have been a Weapons Technical Advisor for a 12 episode independent series, the movie based on that series, and 2 other independent films so far. (in the Detroit area)
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    Eye dominance...I'm all screwed up!!!!!

    There are actually some people who have co-dominant eyes. I am one of them. My eye doctor told me about it. He says that it is fairly rare. I am also ambidexterous (sp?) Co-dominance can be both a gift and a curse. My vision is pretty bad (doc said its roughly 20/1000) without my contact lenses...
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    mythbusters episode last night ... shooting locks ... and full-auto through the floor

    That's because Poppy seeds are what opium is derived from. Eating an excessive amount of poppy seeds could cause you to fail a drug test by giving a "false" positive for opiates in your bloodstream. But as you said, that is a little off topic. As far as firing into a floor. I believe one of...
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    Gun owners miffed by SLC airport's confusing no-firearms signs

    So if you disagree with the views of the guy who runs the Gun Violence Prevention Center, would that make you anti-gunn? :D
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    Dangerous prank calls draw SWAT teams

    That's the thing though, to the police, it isn't a random call. The number is being "Spoofed" to the police leading them to believe that it is coming from the house that the SWAT team shows up to. (i.e. caller's actual number is 555-1234, but through a spoofing setup, they make their number...
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    Broken Wrists from Heavy Recoil: Actual Reports?

    Ask Nightcrawler about his "boomstick". A one shot, one bruise shotgun, and I was dumb enough to fire it with one hand, arm fully outreached and my wrist was sore for about 2 weeks afterward.
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    New Security system... What to call it?

    name him "kitty". That way when you call for the dog you can say "here kitty kitty kitty!" and then a fugly little bulldog comes running up. :D
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    Best Gun Names

    Master Key
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    UK freaks about LEGO guns

    I want one of those books! of course, I'd have to get some legos too.
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    Define Shot Placement

    I've always looked at shot placement (when referring to a human target) as hitting the right areas on the target that will neutralize the situation. Regardless of the caliber, if you hit the right spot, you will stop your target.
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    New Member? Introduce yourself here (just intros, questions get answered elsewhere)

    Welcome, Tom Threetoes and AZ Outlaws. Have fun here, enjoy and you both buy the beers :D
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    Good Concealed Carry Article In "The Detroit News".

    I agree that she probably volunteered the info. I think that may have been a mistake on her part. I think, overall its a very good article. I just don't think Ms. Bunch was thinking of the potential risk because she was too busy thinking "I'm gonna be in the paper!"
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    Stupid Human Tricks

    isn't it amazing how many stupid people have video cameras?
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    All cops aren't big mean ogres that eat your civil liberties!

    I got a chuckle from that quote. "C'mon man, just shoot the lock!" "Are you friggin' kidding me? Do you have any idea how much paperwork I went through to get this thing?! There is no way I am going to risk losing it for something like that!" "Aww c'mon man just...oh wait, here's the...
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    3 Ninjas rob Florida man......What caliber for Ninjas?

    Two of the three got got? I guess they missed the "Ninja........Vanish *POOF*" class. that was a fun class. :D *POOF*vanish...*fizzle fizzle
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    Good Concealed Carry Article In "The Detroit News".

    I thought it was a good article, but am I the only one that thought it was a little irresponsible to post both the face, full name and location, (Canton Township) of Ms. Bunch as well as where she keeps her firearm? It's kind of asking for trouble, isn't it. I thought the whole idea of...
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    Gun Related Dog Names

    I have a bulldog named Ruger, so I guess that's another vote for that one.
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    why this shape of stock

    This is just a shot in the dark (excuse the pun) But perhaps it is designed that way due to the common practice of the time of keeping the gun under the armpit while hunting. It could also be that the designer thought that the shape may make it easier to hold the gun up when shooting in the...