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    How do you feel about pawn shops?

    XavierBreath: magisterial and almost majestic. <Applause.>
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    Jerry Lewis Busted for gun

    Prolly shouldn't. Old people gave birth to young people and supported them. How stupid is that. :)
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    Jerry Lewis Busted for gun

    The spirit of humanity and kindness makes a guy glow just to be here with such nice people. Expect the same compassionate support when you need it.
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    What is the best stuff to polish and protect Firearms?

    I'm favorably impressed by Renaissance Wax. It's expensive but it seems to be effective both as a protectant and a beautifier. I wonder who else has tried it and is willing to offer an opinion.
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    How fast to chamber next round in 870?

    I share Machinisttx's suggestion, and I've sometimes had the same experience when transitioning to another shotgun. My 870 technique is not subtle: slam the forearm back, slam the forearm forward, pull the trigger, then repeat.
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    Picked up a new (old) Winchester 1897 "riot gun" this morning.

    I hope this is of some use to you: I wish you much joy in your new shotgun.
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    Did Sportsmans Guide Break the Law?

    You're welcome. You might even be able to buy it from Sportsmans Guide again if they survive the consequences of your last order. :)
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    Democrats afraid of NRA discharge petition

    There's actually no reason for the Democrats and gun banners to be concerned. They are looking in the wrong direction for the real power. As many members of this forum know and will say, the NRA isn't it. The NRA has almost no support from American gun owners. Of an estimated 80 million gun...
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    Did Sportsmans Guide Break the Law?

    Why not report Sportsmans Guide directly to the BATFE. They might get the information faster than when you post it on a public forum. It's up to the BATFE to decide based on the facts you provide. If they decide against Sportsmans Guide we'll know it when their web site closes or something.
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    Florida gunnies - don't shop at Publix

    Darned right. I'm in favor of the Second Amendment too, and of the rest of the Constitution, but not when I have to pay more for something or it inconveniences me. Let somebody else do that kind of stuff if they want. I am in this for me. If Publix searches its employees or their cars that's...
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    Panera Bread

    Be clearer, please. Are you saying that we should or shouldn't be yelling "I want a machine gun!" and "Mouton Lapels!" at the counter help?
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    NICS check; why no serial #/gun check

    Indeed there is much to be said for gun registration. Nevertheless, all other gun owners I've met in the past fifty or so years have been adamantly opposed to it. It's refreshing to encounter someone who isn't. Paranoia is unreasonable, irrational, delusional, or unfounded thinking. It's a...
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    Saiga shotgun: hold more than 5 shells?

    At last: someone who knows how to treat a masochist. Moving right along, though, although I haven't shot more than 20 rounds out of the 10-round AGP magazine I have, so far I haven't had any trouble with it. Darnit. :)
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    Ruger SP101 Holster Suggestions?

    Just curious: why?
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    Night Stand Gun Bag - Suggestions?

    Browning, don't forget that many people in gun forums are former SEALS or have equally valid other claims to major expertise and some right to judge other people. Ignore them at your peril. Meanwhile, back on the planet Earth .... You might find the County Comm Bailout Bag much too large...
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    Do you avoid certain states, because of their gun laws?

    That seems to resolve matters for anyone who doesn't see the world as you do: such a person doesn't have a brain in his or her head. Perhaps they might better be called openminded. Agreed. It's part of the basis for my aversion to such places. Another and related part is that those...
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    Does Wally World get different Guns?

    Of course it's not a coincidence. It's a conspiracy. You've been victimized by the International Consortium. It infuses the .22 rifles in Wal-Mart's Virginia stores with evil spirits that do not allow them to fire more than three rounds before jamming. The way to defeat those demons is to use...
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    Do you avoid certain states, because of their gun laws?

    Of course. New York, Illinois, Maryland, and New Jersey are not even on the map. Neither is Washington, DC: we've heard rumors that such a place exists but we think it's probably like the fabled place known as "Chicago"--yet another myth in which only the credulous believe. Hard as it might...
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    Saiga shotgun: hold more than 5 shells?

    It's not a clipovitch, Comrade. It's a magazinovitch. The importance of correct terminology is evident in this absolutely true story from Mother Russia immediately after the Communists seized power. During one particularly harsh winter a Commissar knocked loudly on the door of a squalid...
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    Heller v. D.C - it's on AGAIN!

    No big deal. Adrian Fenty and the District Council drew such big attention last time that they've been scheduled for a new series this season. Get your peanuts, popcorn, and beverages here. Hot dogs and souvenir programs are in the lobby.