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    Cocked and locked. (again but different)

    Another "never crossed my mind to carry any other way" vote here. I have to ask, why would anyone buy a pistol they were unsure of being able to use/carry safely?
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    Dumbest product ever

    If this is the same one I've seen I think it's pretty safe to say no one should mistake it for a real gun. The "larger image" in the Amazon link is about 3x the true size of the thing.
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    I don't think I will be using CCI Blazer anymore.

    Use Blazer by the case, never had a problem. Even at 99.99% perfect when you make a billion rounds a month a bad one can slip by. I've had a couple cases split over the years, from a couple different companies. Sounds like that may be what happened to you. If you shoot enough you will find a bad...
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    How many spare mags for CCW

    Usually have at least one reload on hand. No fixed number here. Depends on what I'm carrying that day.
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    Think about this? (What Places are Inappropriate for Concealed Carry?)

    I'm naked without my gun. I do my best to avoid being seen naked. The only places I voluntary go without my gun are places you would normally go naked.
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    Mossberg vs Remington

    Forget cost which one fits the smaller of you two the best? Can you both handle the recoil of 12ga HD/SD rounds? Hopefully you have answered those and a few other questions before you made your list. Either of the guns you list will still be in use by your great great grandkids with normal care...
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    The Defensive Makarov Revisited...

    Different makes and weights of ammo, rapid and slow fire drills with good groups and no jams. Since shot placement and reliability are the corner stones for any carry pistol I'd say your time at the range was well spent. As for the power of the 9x18, most of the modern HP loads will make the...
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    Today: bad neighborhood, glock outside my car window

    Again I have to ask what did he do that was illegal? Did you see him threaten anyones safety or damage someones property?? Not according to your post. So why did you call the police??? You don't really post ANY details that makes anything you describe a crime. No I would not have called the...
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    Cold Steel Blades

    CS hits the mark pretty close to the point of diminishing return with their products. The hype is kinda funny and hard to take at times but the knives are a pretty solid tool. You can buy better knives but it will cost you.
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    What mods do I need to do to my CZ's

    Only things I'd do is make the drop free mag mod and a Wolff extra power extractor spring. Other than those get more mags, a CZ big stick, couple good holsters and ammo lots of ammo. It ain't getting cheaper.
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    What do you carry auto or revolver and why?

    Can't vote in your poll, I carry either or both depending on my day. Over 35.
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    Stopping Power

    Neither has anything close to stopping power, that is realm of the 12ga. Both will work if you put your rounds on target.
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    Summer vs. Winter

    I carry the same guns year round. I change which one(s) depending on my day, not the weather.
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    Millet Sights?

    I've used Millet sights and mounts on several guns and never had a problem. I've had one of the SP red dots on an M1a for the last few years. The rifle hasn't been able to break it yet and M1a's like to break glass. Set up two SKS's with the Millet mount and red dot. Both are still working...
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    Summer vs. Winter #2

    I don't worry about my 357 but I do stagger HP and FMJ in my Mak for winter.
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    Question about slugs

    Your poll has no right answer. All that you list are fine choices depending on what you plan to hunt and how well YOUR gun will fire them.
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    Those of you who've hunted with a handgun. Do you still believe in stopping power?

    There is no such thing as stopping power. A poor shot with a .500 S&W is a day following a blood trial and a perfect shot with a 22mag is dinner. More power gives you more chances to find and use that good shot. There is no magic bullet or caliber. Only the skills you have to use your tools to...
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    Should the 2nd Am. Be Incorporated Under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Am.

    The 2nd needs no incorporation. The BoR and the Constitution were voted on and became the law of the land for the states when they joined the United States. Any state that has a law that violates any amendment has an unconstitutional law on their books weather it was law before or after they...
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    Do you carry with a round chambered?

    If you are not ready to carry a LOADED gun do not bother carrying one. If your gun is not safe loaded, carry a different one. If you do not know what is safe do not carry one.