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    Rifle used in terrorist attack

    These talking points don't fit the agenda. Remember to vote on Nov 4th. We need to take this country back soon before its too late.
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    Rifle used in terrorist attack

    And I thought it had to be black to be scary. My dad gave me a Model 94 for my 16th B-day, more than 30 years ago. Hasn't went on a rampage and killed anybody yet. Go figure.
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    On Fighting Shotguns....

    Benelli M4 - more fight in it than hopefully I'll ever need, and then some... Titanium 7 round tube and charge handle. Mesa tactical stock, fore-end and side saddle. With a little illumination...
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    If your wife...

    Weatherby Mark V 300 WTB mag in high grade burl or something similar from Coopers of Montana. Then again there are a ton of shotguns....
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    NY 2A rights - TONIGHT.....ASTORINO vs CUOMO debate at 8pm

    I guess Andy-boy doesn't want his home base in downstate NY seeing it. I think my cable company carries it and asked my wife to record it. Vote Rob Astorino if you live in NY. Not only for the state but for the country.
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    Tools needed to change out AR15 upper?

    Exactly. Unless the gas tube wasn't installed lol...
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    Incident while setting up trail camera

    My brother once told me had to put a water buffalo with a govt issued 1911 that was charging him. Dumped the whole mag and it kept coming but eventually ran out of steam. I'm sure he put other creatures down but never spoke about them. I was in the woods once with my wife riding our mountain...
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    List of SAO hammer fired semi autos

    Never heard of it but it looks like a very sweet gun! Jealous lol.
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    List of SAO hammer fired semi autos

    Don't really have anything to add but I was surprised that I have five of the four mentioned in OP P220, P938 and 3 1911s. I only carry the P938 preferring Glocks for SD. Yeah its an addiction lol...
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    Any recommendations for a 20 ga gas semiauto for a guy with a fouled up neck?

    Not sure if this would be an option for you but have you tried a push/pull grip. Think of it like stretching a bow pushing forward with support hand while pulling back with your trigger hand. Think proactively about stretching the rifle while you shoot. Also perhaps getting the butt pad off...
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    Question about selector switch on Berreta O/U

    Thanks MB good advice. It came with one thicker butt pad and I thought it was to absorb some recoil lol. Didn't come with the others you mentioned but it did come with about five chokes and 1000 rnds of Federal target loads so I need to get to the range and try it out. I'll ask the guys at...
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    Question about selector switch on Berreta O/U

    Thanks for the info all around hunter. Makes sense. And thank's to everyone else for the kind words. Its a SPiii/12ga/32" barrels. Oh, and no shotties got it ;).
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    Question about selector switch on Berreta O/U

    Thank you. Tighter choke on top? Any reason for this or is it just customary? Have a number of other shotties, including a Benelli M4 for HD but this one might just get me to try some of the clay games at the local gun club, lol. Been a gun owner for a long time, but this is still pretty new...
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    What are you go to carry guns?

    G23 but recently I've been sporting a SIG 938. Winter's around the corner...
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    A live long desire fullfilled/impulse buy

    Beautiful piece of history you found yourself there. Good luck with it! Bayo lug would render it an assault weapon here in NY, lol (might be an exception for C&R but it's all non sense nevertheless)... Sure nice to be in a free state and pick up some nice guns when you find them.
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    Question about selector switch on Berreta O/U

    Thanks bro. I've wanted a nice o/u since my college days, which was a long, long time ago, lol. Life is short treat yourself once in a while. Bought this one with the thought of passing it along to my boy when the time comes. Haven't shot it yet but so far I'm really happy with it.
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    Question about selector switch on Berreta O/U

    All good oneounceload. I said he was a great guy and a good friend not that he knew about shotties. But then again a FFL is really required to know about shotties is he, just how to legally transfer them. As far as the help, I appreciate the response but I could have just as easily figured it...
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    Question about selector switch on Berreta O/U

    Thanks AllRoundHunter and Schwing, restored my faith in THR, lol. I just got home from a long day at work. Will post up some pics in a few...
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    Question about selector switch on Berreta O/U

    Thanks, I got it now. What's up with the FFL comments? He doesn't deal with a lot of higher end O/U shotguns. I bet he know a lot more than most of you guys about Glocks or SIGs, lol. Lighten up. Same BS, different forum...
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    Question about selector switch on Berreta O/U

    Lol, so which is the left barrel on an over under? Must be a gangsta thing I'm not familiar with ;). Just busting chops over the very knowledgeable comment. He is a great FFL, terrific person and good friend to boot. Just doesn't deal with a lot of shotguns. Home based business and as I said...