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    Aurora, CO Massacre

    Very sad day. The idea that someone with a ccw (chp) would have been able to stop this guy in this situation is really pretty much just a ridiculous fantasy. Having a gun doesn't make you a superhero. The shooter came prepared for resistance, dressed in a lot of kevlar, a helmet and gas...
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    .40 vs .45 power....

    So I was reading an article the other day where the writer was talking about the attributes of the .40 (which were all compromises ) To some up what the writer said; it almost loads as many round into a gun as the 9mm and it almost has the power of the .45. OK... I've heard this comment about...
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    CZ 452 or Ruger 10/22?????

    You said you like shooting .22's long range, thats CZ territory. Go for the CZ. If you miss your auto loader then pick another one up. After all the are truly everywhere. Maybe that new break down backpacking version Ruger put out a bit ago. That 10/22 actually looks pretty cool.
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    Trunk Gun: Smart Investment or Bad Idea?

    I would only keep a weapon in the car if I was on a road trip, and then locked up tight and in a hard to find location. Never 24/7. I don't have any idea how many auto burg reports I've take, 100's at least. Cars are broken into ALL the time, its just not worth it.
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    Out of State LEO Football games

    Pretty much because local law enforcement will OK any other LEO doing his/ her job in their state. Besides a trooper acting as a bodyguard isn't going to be stepping on any of the local LEO's toes. (ie he's NOT there to engage in proactive law enforcement.) There is probably some law on the...
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    What is your longest shot with a 5.56 rifle?

    taliv, This was what I was recalling about punching a helmet. Just a NATO requirement it seems. Its from Wiki
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    What is your longest shot with a 5.56 rifle?

    I read somewhere the 5.56 was originally created to go through a Russian helmet at 500 meters, out of a 20 inch barrel.
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    has anybody else noticed mossberg...

    +1 Bushpilot. Besides if gun owners didn't argue amongst ourselves then there would be no gun forums....:neener: That is one ugly and wrong looking gun! There is NO WAY anyone will be able to resell that thing. Lever actions are to be wood and blued, even SS is pushing it IMO.:scrutiny...
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    How much energy in ft lbs ?

    Well, I've no idea how to answer how much energy is in foot pounds, and it seems from that rule of thumb of 1000 ft lbs for deer, not many can. Anyhow, I like shooting black powder in a Kentucky rifle. A .50 cal round ball with about 80 grains of BP gets that 180 grain ball going around 1800...
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    Marlin XT-22

    What a fun .22 rifle!!:) I bought one of these (wood stock version) and took my new gun to the range today to get the scope zeroed in. I was shooting from the bench but up on my elbows, so still a bit unsteady, and with CCI ammo I could make one ragged quarter sized hole with 7 shots at 30...
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    Buggin' Out Rimfire Match:

    Hey this looks fun! Is there a rim fire match every month? Hope so, I just ordered a Marlin XT-22 (mag fed wood stock version) today and cant wait to try it out. :) This kind of thing looks perfect for what was in my mind when I decided to buy a .22. ( That and I'm kinda sick of blowing...
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    The best products to clean guns?

    InnerVision, Personally I feel things tend to get over done in the area of gun cleaning. When I clean my M&P .40 after a couple hundred rounds, at least 95% of the grime comes off with a dry rag. I then put some CLP on the gun and wipe the rest of the grime off and bore snake it. Done...
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    This is a different way of looking at home defense calibers...

    Interesting... I think most people will fall getting shot in the chest with any caliber. I know this topic is always taken to the extreme i.e. some huge drugged up guy who feels no pain etc. BUT I don't see that as the norm or even at all likely. If it is then we all should be...
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    Doomsday Preppers: Molotov Cocktails

    First of all a Molotov cocktail seems like a poor weapon for doomsday.....just saying. I've only seen the one show with the couple in TX living in the small condo with cats. I found their planning to be ridiculously flawed. (ie Hide in condo for 3 weeks and then walk out of the city. Oh and...
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    Illinois proposes tax on ammo to pay for trauma centers

    Better start taxing cars too....and icy sidewalks.
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    "Law enforcement use only" stamp

    So other than the marking on them what exactly did he think was illegal or special about those mags??
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    Self-Guided Bullet Strikes Target a Mile Away

    leadcounsel's vision of this weapon is clear. This thing has all sorts of crazy applications in store for it. (BTW Civilians? NO way, they wouldn't let that happen) The "rifle" will be some sort of remotely fired deal probably set up on high ground in the area. The operator will be...
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    Bud's Top Ten Sellers for 2011

    Nor do I own any of those guns. warrconn I agree, whats up with no revolvers? I like my no lock 442 also AND its a dream to carry. (and is less $ then some of those guns on that list) I put on a pachmayr grip and IWB carry my 442.(I'm no fan of pocket carry and avoid it if I can) The 442...
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    Uhh... I think it's broken

    Oops. Sounds like something broke in there for sure. What else did you have to send that gun back for?? :uhoh: I have a 629 (.44 mag) that had charge holes in the cylinder drilled out of spec. Spent brass would get stuck against the frame and bind the cylinder up. Took two tries for S&W...
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    357 Sig Can Penetrate Kevlar Vests?

    Exactly. There is a gun present at every contact I make...mine. Also most officers these days carry a .40 cal...I guess someone could make AP ammo for it but I've never heard of any. But really what is the point of all this?? As I said already ANY rifle round is going through a vest. .223...