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    ISR Matrix

    Yes those are the guys.
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    ISR Matrix

    Hi, I am looking for any information that you guys have about how useful their (ISR Matrix) material is. I have heard some people speak positively about them, but I am unsure.
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    Glock modifications

    Does it hurt the reliability or durability of a Glock to have the finger grooves removed, the grip retextured, or grip reduced?
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    Does parallax matter for an ACOG?

    Does parallax matter for an ACOG? Are they similar to EOtechs in that the dot may move but where ever the dot is, is where you will hit? Thank you.
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    What is so special about the new Sig 228's?

    Correct me if I am wrong but these are still made from the outsourced parts are they not? So what is so special about them?
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    Any thoughts on these Paladin Titles?

    Can I find or figure out the drills he recommends somewhere else?
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    Any thoughts on these Paladin Titles?

    I am wanting to find some more texts and tapes on shooting and I was hoping you guys could share your thoughts in hopes that I might not buy something I don't need. I liked Andy Stanford's pistol book but does anyone have any thoughts on his 56 page rifle book? Any thoughts on the Matt...
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    Colt 6920 vs. LWRC Piston

    How would everyone here choose when comparing LWRC $2400 to a Colt $1300-$1500, virtually everyone here would choose the Colt. Is that true? My situation is this...I want an extremely reliable AR platform that takes PMAGs and will shoot the cheap training ammo with out problems, but also be able...
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    Deal or No Deal on Rock River, S&W, Sig, or AK?

    Thanks Flyboy..what would your suggestion be?
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    Deal or No Deal on Rock River, S&W, Sig, or AK?

    I ordered a Rock River Arms with a quad rail back in the fall, and I got a call today to say that it had arrived. When I ordered it I was under the assumption that it was among the best that a person could get. However after some forum reading I am not sure that I still think this is so. I...
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    Carbine Selection Help

    I have an M4gery and I would like to try something else. Can one find quality Yugo M70's and if so from who would you buy? Or would it be better to look for an HK 91...are these even still available (authentic HK)? I have also considered a DSArms FAL folder or the AUG copy accepting AR mags. I...
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    Glock Maintenance

    How often does one need to change the recoil springs in a Glock 19, and what is the best source of information about maintaining your Glock?
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    What do you think about the new Glock RTF2 (4th Generation?) .40 Model 22?

    I picked up the new Glock last week. I have chosen Glock to my carry gun ever since I got my license, but if all future Glocks come from the factory like the the new one I will not buy another one. I would choose an HK, Beretta, S&W or host of others before it. Glock has been doing the wrong...
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    How often should you practice with live fire?

    Thanks Guys I was trying to work up a budget for myself since I am married and don't want to spend all our money on shooting, even though I like it, I like other things as well. It is nice to have an idea about how much would it take to be able to improve my skill level without breaking the...
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    How often should you practice with live fire?

    I understand that dry fire is very important and should be done more often than live fire, but how many rounds is it wise to send downrange in a month or few months. At what point in time are you just making brass and not benefitting from your practice?
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    Is Andy Stanford still teaching?

    Is Andy Stanford still teaching? And if so, how do you contact him? His website OPS does not seem to be up and running.
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    Best Shoulder Holster

    Could anyone suggest what the best leather shoulder holster for a Glock 19 is? I know this may sound silly but is there a shoulder holster that allows a person to carry two guns, one on each side to offset the weight? Thank you.
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    Training Videos

    Hello, I just started today with the local police academy. Shooting has always been fun for me but my focus is becoming more on the practical. What training tapes do you guys recommend? I have owned the older Jim Grover tapes for some time and I like those a lot. Has anyone seen the...
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    Straight answer on plastic

    I found this it may be sort of interesting.
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    Straight answer on plastic

    Thanks for the information SuperNaut.