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    Idea regarding "Gun-Control".

    It didn't stop them because those do nothing to stop their access. That's the idea here. The point does not stand. It takes practice and discipline to reload like that. Something Lanza didn't have. Lanza and his kind are not like us. Every-time you say crap like that, you make him like us in...
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    Idea regarding "Gun-Control".

    Quit equating yourself to Adam Lanza. Sooo what? Wait until one percent, ten percent of the population carries out mass shootings? It's simple: if someone has a mental illness that is known to incite violence, they can't own a gun. Nor can someone they live with keep it in the same house as...
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    Idea regarding "Gun-Control".

    Well when the AWB comes back, you guys won't have anyone to thank but yourselves. I'm trying to talk about this in a way that keeps as much of our freedom as possible, but go ahead, keep on being zero-compromise. When we take ourselves out of the conversation, Brady wins. Bigfatdave, you're the...
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    Idea regarding "Gun-Control".

    You need to read the post thoroughly. We require a year-long permit process before buying a car. During which time you drive someone else car. You can't buy a car without a license, which is only acquired once you pass a test. Same idea here. Don't spin this. You can buy that Beretta Shotgun...
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    Idea regarding "Gun-Control".

    Kind of a rant here. Brings up gun control, but in a way that I feel still respects us, the law-abiding gun owners in America, while dealing with the mass-shooter problem. Some things that always gets lost when any new gun control is brought up is the effectiveness of the old "Assault Weapons...
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    Petition to strike at the root cause of mass shootings

    The only problem is that we'd have to raise taxes to bring back the mental health system your talking about. That (raising taxes to benefit the country) will never happen. In America, we protect the rich before we protect our children.
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    What can we look forward to for 2013.

    I'm hoping for a new bullpup. It's an amazingly under-served market. The first company to offer one in .223 for under $700 (thereby competing with AR-15's) will make money. Cheap AR-15 alternatives are in short supply these days, with Ruger's being $900 and Kel-Tec's going for $800...
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    My plans to help offset rising shooting costs.

    I've started to anneal cases that look shot-out. I'm fairly certain I can squeeze another 2-3 shots out of them safely.
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    Very informative videos.

    Two vids on an AR-15 and a MSAR bullpup. 1,000 rounds each. Both failed in some form, the AR-15's gas tube melted and the MSAR started cooking off rounds in the chamber! Vid 1 for AR-15. Vid 1 for MSAR. I'm pretty sure no one else posted these already. I find them very informative...
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    Carbon 15

    Only polymer lower I'm sold on is the CAV-15 MK II. The receivers that have broken have had a good reason (like someone jerry-rigging a .45 ACP mag adapter in it). NFA, Plum-crazy, and even a few Carbon-15's commonly show up broken in half at the buffer tube in picture threads. I like the idea...
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    Opening a gun shop -- UPDATE: Two Years In!

    Just stock AR-15 and AK gear. That's all Cabelas, Snapshots, Show Me Shooters, every gun store I've ever been in carries these days. It must be selling well.
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    Dug relic 1911 restoration (Pics and Video)

    Maybe I'm missing something but HOW can that be saved? It looks like everything is pitted and rusted through. I can't see how it would be safe to shoot, even when the rust is removed.
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    Gun You HAD To Get, Got, Then Lost Interest

    Now you guys are just trying to hurt my feelings. :(
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    any people of color?

    This. In the whole of America its hard to find someone with more firearms wisdom than Massad Ayoob. If anyone gives you crap about being of Iranian/Arabic descent, remind them who's been teaching us yanks self-defense for thirty years.
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    Gun You HAD To Get, Got, Then Lost Interest

    So far this thread is making me pretty happy. Not a single AK on the list :D edit: DANG POST #65! Mine was a Daniel Defense M4 V7 (that's the mid-length carbine). It was only $950 used and when a steal like that came along I jumped. Problem was it didn't do anything more my franken AR's and...
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    We are a Pro Gun site, please stop pandering

    If we can't even express an opinion then what's the use of 2A when 1A is being threatened?
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    Garands incoming!

    They won't import them because they are technically our guns already! The Koreans only have those M1 Carbines because we gave them to them during the Korean war under lend-lease. In order for them to sell those rifles, they have to compensate the United States first. If they sell these, it...
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    PJK9P problem

    The feed ramp is hitting the recoil pin? Do you mean the pin that holds the recoil spring in place? I can't see that hitting the feed ramp. Please post some pics. What your describing right now sounds impossible. I think what you are saying is the barrel is hitting the slide stop. Or maybe the...
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    arcus 98 DA

    Mine has a REALLY long SA pull. I can't figure it out. As far as I know no one else has reported this problem.
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    Caracal F & C: Pics

    I've only held one of the F's so far, and it felt BIG. Maybe I have smaller hands than I thought.