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    Shooting Ranges in the Palm Beach County, Fl Area

    Some others: Palm Beach Shooting Center (off of 10th Avenue near I-95) now allows you to shoot your own ammo. They still don't allow reloads, though. The Markham Park target range is about an hour's drive away from PBC, but they have a ton of stuff - rifle ranges, skeet and trap fields, a...
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    Have you read the decision itself?

    I'd wager most THR members are very familiar with Miller, Cruikshank, etc., so it's definitely a bit more tedious to read than your average SCOTUS case. Scalia does a good job of incorporating all the pre and post ratification support for an individual rights interpretation (there's plenty, of...
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    Need help changing buffer tube on an AR....

    I'll go out on a limb here - I think, from my experience, that the loc-tite and staking is overkill. The average AR user should probably worry about a properly staked gas key, not a properly staked castle nut. Even if it did come loose, it doesn't seem like it'd bring down the gun. You're...
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    A Good Houston Shooting.

    Never rob from a guy collecting parking fees for a gun show. :neener: Glad the gentleman is doing fine.
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    Full Size vs. Sub-Compact Semi-Autos

    I voted "No," because full-size guns are better in every way (reliability, accuracy, power) except concealability. However, a subcompact like a G26 is way easier to conceal for me than the full-size version. Shorter grip, shorter slide, lighter weight - how could it not be easier to conceal?
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    CZ Model 27

    Same as .32 ACP
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    Which CZ?

    I wouldn't be concerned about the durability of aluminum alloy frames in most any modern service pistol, unless said gun is going to shoot several thousand rounds per month. cost of gun << cost of ammo needed to wear out gun
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    Kel-Tek P3AT or S&W 642

    My experience mirrors yours. Bought a P3AT, found it wasn't that reliable. Sent it back to KT, but it still jammed with standard factory .380 ammo. S&W 642 FTW!
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    CZ P01 vs Beretta PX4

    Never shot the PX4... but I carry the P-01. In terms of ergonomics, I can't imagine anything better - I shot a G19 side-by-side and the G19 recoil actually felt sharp compared to the P-01. The P-01 triggers tend to be just passable (the cleaner the insides are, the smoother the pull will be)...
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    Walther P22 HIGH QUALITY???

    The P22 and Mosquito that are available for rent at the local range are absolutely dreadful - lots of jams, especially with the P22. I've had much better luck with my Kadet .22 adapter. That's not to say that they're all bad, but I think you'd have to really be in love with the look or feel of...
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    The 642 club

    rogerjames, I highly recommend not disassembling your 442 until you get a shop manual, video, or (better yet) a knowledgable friend. Smiths aren't designed to be taken apart like the Rugers are, and I've seen gunsmiths have to knock the sideplate out again after initial attempts at assembly...
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    Sig or CZ or....

    AZGlock13, thanks for the excellent comparison. The P-01 is my current carry gun, but to be honest, I think my full-size 75B carries almost as well (the P-01's grip is nearly as long, it's thicker, and only half a pound lighter). Having only shot a (.40 S&W) 239 once, I can't say much...
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    S&W 642 Dry-Fire Question

    Ironically, I broke a 642's firing pin after dry-firing repeatedly WITH snapcaps. On my current 642, I've been dry-firing away without them and nothing bad's happened.
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    which 9mm cz do you suggest for me?

    They're all fun to shoot, IMHO. I've owned and carried all three. I find the P-01 works best for rapid follow-up shots, but I love the cocked-and-locked capability of the 75 and the RAMI. Recoil, magazine, and extractor springs are easily avilable online from Wolff. Other parts will likely...
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    Best J-Frame Pocket Holster

    Post is here. First I cut across the bottom. Then I cut diagonally, because that big lip is unnecessary for most pockets IMO (my experience is that the tacky material on the outside of the holster keeps the holster comfortably in the pocket during a draw). Then I stitched up the part under...
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    Best J-Frame Pocket Holster

    I've tried all three, and all three will work, though the Uncle Mike's has a tendency to slip out of the pocket along with the gun if you don't draw a certain way. Robert Mika makes an excellent product - definitely worth a try, especially if you wear jackets or coats with big pockets. My...
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    School violates mans rights in fear of another massacre...

    I know many will not agree, but this kid is pretty smart. The teacher explicitly said nothing was off-limits in the assignment (no censorship at all), so he wrote something that was about as vile as he could make it. He was testing the system. And now he knows the system's response. A...
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    9mm vs. .45 sidearms

    Hmm. I know something that knocks bowling pins down even better than a .45 auto. Namely, a bowling ball. :neener: ;)
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    Ammo picture reportedly from VT murder

    I doubt it's the UMC value pack stuff. That's the ammo I tend to carry, and it has always had a hexagonally shaped opening with distinct edges. These tend to look more rounded. That "expert" was Joseph Vince, a retired ATF agent :rolleyes: I don't know whether to laugh at that, or cry for...
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    CZ's - has anyone NOT had good luck with them?

    Springs, springs, springs I love my CZs, but good Lord, they usually come undersprung from the factory - literally every single extractor spring on every CZ autoloader I've owned has weakened over time. Thankfully, replacing them with Wolff extra power springs is easy and fixes any problems...