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    Winchester Ranger 38+P+

    I still have a box of those left. I was told they are the old treasury load. My DW 709 handles them fine, and shoots them good. They're a good bit faster from a 6" barrel too. Closer to 1300fps. The small frame Dan Wesson cylinder is the same size as a model 10, so I would shoot them out of...
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    remington 7600

    I just traded my Mk X .458 WM for a pristine 760 in .300 Savage, with a Redfield peep mounted. I think the .300 will be far more practical. Anyone know what the accuracy potential is for this family of rifles?? Just curious whether I should bother with a scope or leave the peep on it.
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    "Everyone should have a -"

    A .22 lr A shotgun... 20 gauge on up. A .30-06 A couple good sharp knives. My wife believes (due to my insistence) that a .45-70 and a .458 WM are on that list too. Please don't tell her otherwise.:evil:
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    Ruggedness of the Model 14 and Model 15 Dan Wesson .357 Magnums???

    I know the large frame DW's are very stout, but the small frame guns have a cylinder roughly the same size as a K-frame S&W. Most K-frames that were shot loose (model 19's) had to do with the frame and yolk, not the cylinder. I've not heard of DW small frame guns shooting loose, but their...
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    Do any police depts/federal agencies still issue revolvers?

    My father-in-law carried a Model 19 until he retired, even though his department issued Sig's in the early 90's. He said several of the older cops carried revolvers to the end of their careers. He also said newer cops did'nt get a choice, only the older guys with less than ten years left...
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    Unorthodox Gun Cleaning Methods

    I clean my .22 lr's with brake cleaner. Give the action a few good blasts, blast the barrel, let dry, and hit it with a spray oil, wipe out and shoot. The BP guns get windex mixed 50/50 with warm water.
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    Imr 4064

    .243, .250 Savage, my favorite in the .35 Whelen
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    America Buffalo Cartridges...onyl the 45-70 has been modernized?? Why???

    I love it. I call the 420 grain LBT's I shoot out of mine "Little flying sledge hammers"
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    Whats the best lie you had a gun seller tell you

    I've got a bone stock 10-22 with the cheapest Tasco 4X you can buy on it that will scare most Marlins off the range. And no, I'm not a Ruger fan... at all. I guess even a blind pig (Ruger) finds an acorn (a 10-22 that thinks it's a match Anschutz) once in a while. Or maybe I'm a blind...
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    .45 120 Sharps

    510 grain semi-spitzer, lubed with spg, 64 grains of swiss FFg, 2 vegetable fiber wads in hornady .45-70 cases, and my Remington No.1 is 1.5 MOA to 300 yards, 2-2.5 MOA to 600. Definitely easier to clean than any smokeless gun I own, excepting the rimfires. The accuracy with smokeless...
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    Most embarassing firearm purchase, experience, etc.

    I bought a sigma... Oh, the shame
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    What is a "Cadet" Rifle?

    Cadet rifles were usually, but not always, smaller framed rifles of military styling, firing less than full power miltary rounds. Many were also just shorter, lighter versions of that nation's service rifle. They were intended for miltary school and academy "cadets" ranging, from remington's...
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    So who blew up a Savage 10ML?

    A few of them have blown up. I believe Chuckhawks blew one up, maybe only with his visceral wit. I have shot one a few times, and aside from being way too heavy, it shoots really good.
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    Savage 99C vs Rotary Magazine

    The rotary mag is way smoother in feeding than the 'C'. Not that the box mag is awful, just not as smooth. I concern myself more with 99's that haven't had holes punched in them for scope mounts, rather than what type of magazine they have. (Of course, 99C's and EG's drilled and tapped...
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    This Means WAR

    Oh yeah, and: .22 hornet or .220 swift .243 or .257 roberts .270 or .280 .222 or .223 9mm or 10mm .221 fireball or .22-250 .218 bee or .219 zipper .303 british or .303 savage .45acp or .357 magnum I have a soft spot for the .222 and the .303 Savage, and could care less about the...
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    This Means WAR

    The .22 Hornet really doesn't compare to the .220 swift
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    This Means WAR

    Not to whine, but the .303 savage should be compared to the .30-30, and the .303 Brit should be compared to the .30-40 Krag. I load my .303 savage from .30-30 load data, they're so close. That and not a lot of data is out there anymore for the .303 savage. (I'm surprised it even made it on...
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    Anyone here shoot Remington Rolling Block 12,17x44?

    I have a roller in .45-70 and it's a gas to shoot! I'm thinking of a military #1 for something new to mess with. 12.7 is .50 cal, right? I've got to get my gauges out and figure out what 12.5X44R converts to. Good luck!
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    Single Shot Rifle Suggestions

    I like my low wall, love my No.1 (Remington, not Ruger!), but my "I can dream" single shot is a Blaser K-95 baronesse stutzen.. in 7X57R. I just have to get rid of one of my cars to afford one.
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    What's your "never buy" gun?

    Never buy any single shot or double, bolt, pump, lever, straight pull, semi auto, revolving, muzzleloading anything in any caliber built by anyone ever!!!! All guns are junk!!!!!!!!! Now, what am I gonna do with all those guns of mine?? Seriously, I think all manufacturers have problems...