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    MI CCW Question

    The theater is the theater. The rest of the mall is the rest of the mall...
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    9mm Garden gun?

    So Jim, tell me... If i made a new breechblock from, say, PHT 4140, do you think it would stand the gaff? I have some 304 stainless, too.
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    9mm Garden gun?

    More pics...
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    9mm Garden gun?

    Jim, your second link looks like it...
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    9mm Garden gun?

    Just measured the bore. Muzzle is .315, and chamber is .345... So I guess .32 S&W long for the shotshell cases. I'll get pics up when I get some new batteries in the camera.
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    9mm Garden gun?

    You're not listening, RC. I said bore the chamber to .357, so that I could make LOW POWERED, reloadable shotshells from .357 cases. I have no desire to blow myself up... I have disassembled the gun, so I can clean the crud off and photo the proof marks. My cousin seems to think it's scottish...
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    So far they are not touching military surplus semis

    SOooooooo...We're supposed to be grateful?
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    9mm Garden gun?

    Upon really close (and really iffy) inspection of the photos, I think I can see the break line for a little falling breech block that appears to still be there. I have no real desire for a 9mm smoothbore, but if I can't do anything else with it I thought I could have it reamed for .357 mag...
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    9mm Garden gun?

    I go pick up an unusual piece tomorrow. I have not personally handled it, just seen a few (badly out of focus) pics. It appears to be a 9mm (rimfire maybe?) smoothbore. It has a european type stock with the wide grip panels and a schnabbel forend. Full-length hex barrel, and the hammer face is...
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    MI, you win some and you lose some

    59 got so broad that it became unacceptable. Why are these guys so into passing more laws and making an already confusing knot of disparate laws even worse, instead of working to have much of the existing law REPEALED? Law in the '30s allowed for CC in PFZs under CPL from MI or ANY OTHER STATE...
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    Specific holster for PF-9

    I'm looking for a right-hand IWB small-of-back cavalry-draw holster with belt loops and thumb break. Does anyone know of a holster maker that offers such a thing? I think a Kahr PM-9 holster fits the Kel-Tec as well. Thanks...
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    CCI .22 Stinger.....

    ...I'll bet that if you were shot in the face with my .22 & stingers at 100 yards or less, you wouldn't do much with your 30-06. A good .22 at those ranges will be easier handling, faster shooting, and likely just as, if not more accurate than a comparable type centerfire. Would I prefer an AR...
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    Yup... You're over-thinking it...
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    Cc about to be legal in pfz's in michigan!!!

    The CC only snobs would rather have bad legislation than have to OC in PFZs, even if it led to OC being outlawed. After all, can't upset the anti's, can we?
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    Cc about to be legal in pfz's in michigan!!!

    ... And this POS gives 'no weapons' signs the power of law here, too. This is a step backwards.
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    Today I open carried for the first time

    For about the last 4 years, the only time I CC is when I'm wearing a coat. I look at it as a educational experience for the general public. They see an average guy OCing, and doing the same average stuff they do. I think it's a positive thing for the gun community for them to see it. I've never...
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    The dreaded muzzle *brake* thread, with a twist

    And I thought the 'twist' was spelling BRAKE correctly...
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    CCI .22 Stinger.....

    My SHTF/TEOTWAWKI/bug-out gun would be a Browning BL.22 with a brick of Stingers. Always has been...
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    Gun You HAD To Get, Got, Then Lost Interest

    C-96 Mauser in .30 Mauser...Got a ragged-out non-functional gun for $200.00 and replaced the barrel/extension with a 9mm piece. Got it firing and decided I didn't really like it, The action was like assembling a watch, and disassembly was kind of a pain. Sold it for $500.00
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    did IL just get CCW? (merged threads)

    Link ain't workin'.