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    gun store candy store

    IMHO you will be looking a loooong time to find a clean CDPII with an internal extractor for 5-700. I agree with BucksDC. You may be able to get close on an external extractor or a CDPI but I still think it is going to be tough long search.
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    American Revolution - how did the Founders survive?

    I have pondered that too. I think there was a movement for independance which, while not all encompassing, created sympathisers, spys and a working underground network.
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    Hillary or Barack?

    Hillary's skeletons trump Barack's incompetence, IMO. As for tellner's rant.. Seems to me the acceleration began immediately after BC signed onto NAFTA and GATT. These two trade agreements (again both signed by Bill Clinton) are completely responsible for "accelerated the...
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    Does it burn your hide when a potential buyer doesn't get back to to you to say...

    Well now that you have that out of your system...:) I am having exactly the same problem with a seller right now. I bought a gun on an on-line auction, sent the money order last Monday, emailed the seller on Thursday to ask him to let me know when he received my payment and the shipping...
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    Digging tactical tunnels?

    For some reason this reminds me of Hogan's Heros.:)
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    We as a society give police officers who are performing their job in a reasonable manner an umbrella to protect them from personal liability in case of an error in judgment, mistake, or accident. Since the police are human they are subject to human error. Unless that error completely exceeds the...
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    A lot of people think it is easy to sue someone for monetary damages. It isn't easy nor is it fun...ever. Have you ever been through a deposition or answered interrogatories? Trust me its no fun...the money is not easy. First you have to show you have suffered some sort of loss because of the...
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    Ammo buying spree - please comment

    I started buying by the 1K during the 1990's when there was talk of putting primers with a 5 year shelf life in all ammo. Prices were very volatile at that time, one show I went to, every dealer was limiting primer purchases to 1 carton (several dealers didn't have any for sale). I usually keep...
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    Ned Christianson Custom Bobtailed Colt

    That is a beautiful custom. I like bobs a lot. How long is Christianson's wait? Ed Brown has been on my want list...this is giving me second thoughts.
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    Newport Shotgun: .410

    I believe Newport is a trade name used by Hibbard, Spencer, and Bartlett; a wholesale hardware house from Chicago. H.S.B. Co. is best known today as the mother of the "True Value" trade name. There are a few collectors of H.S.B. Co. items, they are usually after pieces marked with the "Our Very...
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    Fixed blade for concealed carry - recommendations?

    By the looks of chapter 46 above you may want to get the definition of a "Bowie Knife" and "dagger, including but not limited to a dirk, stilletto, and poniard". The latter is usually sharpened on both sides of the blade. Is a bowie any fixed blade knife or a certain blade design?:confused:
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    What's your favorite knife?

    I like both the Randall #25 and #27. I have one of each on order. The estimated delivery date??...2010!! :eek: In the mean time I have a Benchmade Axis Lock. I also carry a Frost Cutlery Keen Kutter folder for general cutting (envelopes, rope, etc.).
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    Who still makes a single stack 9mm other than...

    I have to S&W 39 series. I have had my 3914 for 10+ years, it's the best, most accurate 9mm carry gun I have ever owned or shot. Very under recognized IMHO. An older M39 is on my short list.