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    Not again.......! Feral Hog Control in East Texas

    I moved back to North Central Texas a couple of years ago. I can't seem to find any place that will let me come hunt these little beasties without having to pay far more than they're worth. Have gun, will hunt....
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    Texas Gun Owners Association

    Well, we have done it. WE have built a forum primarily for Texans and our struggle to support REASONABLE gun laws throughout Texas and the US. Please feel free to join our forum. You DO NOT have to be a Texan to join, not everyone is so blessed. and you are...
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    Fire blanks or not during home invasions to deter the criminal?

    I'll have to concur with the majority of folks here. It's a REALLY BAD idea. I'm of the mindset that IF I am forced to use my weapon, I intend on dispatching whatever is in my sights. There is no "shoot to stop the threat" in my mind. It's all or nothing.
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    Non-citizen wants to purchase firearm in please.
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    DC Man Arrested w/ Cased Rifle & IED ??

    Don't Federal Firearms Transportation laws still apply ?? Cased and unloaded (which we don't know) would fall under the transportation laws, I would think.
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    DC Man Arrested w/ Cased Rifle & IED ??,2933,417581,00.html AP Does a cased rifle in a vehicle constitute probable cause to search a vehicle ??
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    Nationl Park and Gun carry showdown

    Logic would dictate that IF handguns were now allowed in DC, they would also be allowed on ANY Federal property.
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    The Big Heller Decision Discussion Thread - AFFIRMED 2ND AS INDIVIDUAL RIGHT

    Title 18 already makes it illegal to have an insurrection against the Government. Of course, the Constitutionality of that law should be challenged, too.
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    Heller Decided! (several threads merged, new ones will be locked)

    Wayne LaPierre just announced that the NRA will file suit in Chicago and it's gun banning suburbs.
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    Heller Decided! (several threads merged, new ones will be locked)

    Looks like there may have been a "loophole" left with this statement in the narrative:
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    Best State For Gun Rights

    Minnesota has a pretty well written Carry Law. One can have as much as .04% BAC and still be legal to carry (although it's frowned upon by most permits to carry holders. ) Pretty much, in MN, one can carry pretty much anywhere, except court houses, jails. One can even carry at the Capitol, with...
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    Federal judge to hear challenge to Florida's guns-at-work law

    It wouldn't bother me one bit as long as it was properly stored and/or contained. Leaking barrels should have some sort of overpack, I would hope.
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    CCW holders and accidental shootings...

    There is some data, but it's pretty skimpy: From here:
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    Gander Moutain Marketing Deception

    I've actually purchased a couple of those warranties. Mainly on the used guns I've bought from them. The warranty was $20 and did include a free cleaning. It actually paid off for me on one used gun I purchased from Gander. They took it back and exchanged it for a different gun. I can't/won't...
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    Debate help: Legitimate reason for a private citizen to own high capacity magazines

    One thing that's gone unaddressed is the fact that some people have problems with their hands. It's much easier to reload magazines in the comfort of one's own home and be able to take their time doing so. I have neuropathy in my hands and it's cumbersome to have to reload my magazines at the...
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    I got caught flat-footed today

    One of my friends has a holster that is attached to his seat belt. Once the seat belt is in place, he then transfers his carry weapon to that holster.
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    CCW = Bad Idea ...

    A friend of mine and I have had a discussion about those who do carry (concealed or otherwise, as state laws differ). We have come to the conclusion that there is a good portion of people who carry who just don't have what it takes to potentially take someone's life, at least from what we've...
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    Gunman opens fire at a church in Neosho

    And the saga continues with the "victim disarmament zones". People need to learn to start trusting the "good guys".
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    Where does your property line end as far as OCing goes?

    Easements don't really count. If you're within the property lines as designated by the pins (markers), not much they can do. Easiest way to find the pins is to use a metal detector. Sometimes, they wind up a lot deeper than one would think. In Minnesota, typically there is a five foot utilities...
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    Secret Service investigating Bill O'Reilly's website

    I have read that the DU has been under the scrutiny of the Secret Service because some folks have posted threats against the President and his Chain of Command there. People need to learn that the internet is NOT a place to post inane comments that involve political figures. I guess Forrest...