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    Shocking: Slingshot vs. Safety Glasses

    Agreed. Peeled soft boiled would be much closer... Your egg was slapped by the glasses, wouldn't cause permanent damage to a real eye.... J
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    Torsion Bar Kit

    You should be able to use a kershaw for inspiration, and make your own torsion bar system using music wire (available at hobby shops). Music wire is essentially 1084/1095 type steel, and can be heat treated to make a fine spring. Then you'll need to mill out the handle for a raceway for the...
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    New Generation Pellet rifles.

    Gamo, RWS, Crosman, there are lots of great pellet rifles these days. Most of the fps numbers are grossly inflated by using extremely light pellets to get big numbers for the marketing folks. Any true velocity over about 900-1000fps will lead to inaccuracy.... Because pellets don't stabilize...
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    Kershaw Leek

    It had to be the safety. THe Leek's speedsafe assist mechanism is VERY simple - it just cannot prevent the blade from opening. I used blue locktight to keep my lock unlocked.... A twist of the screwdriver and it becomes functional again, but I never use the lock on my Leek. My...
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    Birth of a King

    LOL, I have no idea.... Funny though... I started the forge back in '05. I used an angle grinder to carve this little 25# anvil from RR track... I did it in the basement, and the wife wasn't pleased with the iron dust everywhere, black rings around fridge magnets.... LOL... I made...
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    Birth of a King

    LOL, I can imagine. I do the bulk of my forging in mid-fall-early-winter, and my summers don't really get very warm too often... I'll probably see a handful of days over 75, usually it'll be 65 and foggy... I like it best when it's 30-40F out, nice and still... That dagger was made over...
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    Birth of a King

    LOL, my first effort met the same fate.... Found out that day that 5160 shouldn't be water quenched.... It crazed like old pottery, and shattered when I tapped it smartly with the hammer in disgust. LOL. Good times. I only had a day into it (rarely do I spend more than a day forging any...
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    Birth of a King

    Yup, it's you who told me that.... Cheers!
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    Birth of a King

    For beginner knife making, there's alot to be said for doing the bulk of the work with hand files. It takes longer, but much less so than many might think. Mistakes are quicker to notice and correct. Power tools may remove metal faster, but that just get you in trouble sooner. I can't wait...
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    Birth of a King

    Bonding aid.... Epoxy on smooth steel is useless.... J
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    Quick Griptilian Question

    Remove just the pivot screw, and the rest of the knife will stay together. Remove the pivot and scale screws, and you have a minor puzzle. J
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    Quick Griptilian Question

    I use a pin to deliver a tiny drop to each washer (one each side of the blade).... I try to avoid using more than that, or it tends to creep out onto the blade and attracts dust. If I feel like disassembling the knife, I'll put the drop on the pivot pin itself. I rarely do this, though, as...
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    Quick Griptilian Question

    Yup, torquing pivot screws is exacting.... In fact, all the scale screws have an effect on the function of some knives. My Leek needs me to tighten the butt end screw firmly, then the next 2 are tightened "less firmly", and then the pivot is tuned to get best opening with no slop - A tiny...
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    Turning 30 ... what to get?

    :) Nice knife!
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    Shanksalot: Your cane probably meets the definition for a sword cane (swords needn't have edges). While legal in some places, it may not be legal where you are.... Check yer laws before you get an ugly surprise. Otherwise, nice innovative use of materials! J
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    Gerber folders...

    I've had mixed feelings on Gerber's knives. They seem generally well made and serviceable, but I rarely choose a Gerber when other options are available. Speaking very broadly, I've been a bit disappointed on various occasions with design, ergonomics, fit and finish and edge holding of the...
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    How do you like the Fairbairn-Sykes?

    For general use (whatever that is for a fighting knife), the SF suffered from 3 major weeknesses: The point is fragile, easily broken. The handle is round, making orientating the blade for slashing somewhat more difficult, and the construction isn't the strongest possible (rat-tail tang). I...
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    SOG Tsunami?

    Well, it looks like a fine weapon.... But very limited as a tool... What's your definition of "Practical"? Certainly, I wouldn't EDC such a thing, nor would I take it camping... But If I was to want a knife for SD, and local laws allowed, I might think to include that in my choices...
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    Bullgod XL variant

    Very nice work! J
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    Exotic wood & bronze

    Nice work on this one!