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    700x and 9mm Mak

    That helps - thanks!
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    700x and 9mm Mak

    I'd like to try this combo, and not having much luck finding data. I've got 95 grain plated bullets. If you have applicable load data, I would appreciate your sharing :)
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    Portland OR area shooting and hunting info

    Investigating a possible job opportunity in Portland, so I'd like to know what the scene is like there for gun nuts. I know about the CCW laws. Too bad the reciprocity isn't better, but otherwise seems reasonable. I would like to know if there are any unusually good or unusually bad gun laws...
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    Georgia Arms Ammo

    I've shot 357 SIG, 10mm, 45 ACP, and 9x19mm from GA Arms. It has generally been good ammo. It's not match ammo, but it is perfectly good for practice/plinking. I did have one cartridge of 357 SIG that had a defective casing and would not have been safe to shoot; however the defect was obvious...
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    FBI: Justifiable homicides at highest in more than a decade

    Whenever you talk about violent crime or self defense, you are talking about rare, unusual events that are statistically unlikely to happen to any one of us. Simply by not being a juvenile gang member or an adulterer or a drug dealer probably runs our odds of actually needing a gun down...
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    FBI: Justifiable homicides at highest in more than a decade

    Jeff, I'll accept your professional experience on this one. I was under the impression that if you are engaged in a criminal activity that results in a killing, then you are responsible for that killing. I guess I am wrong. For what it's worth, I agree with your original point that 200-odd...
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    FBI: Justifiable homicides at highest in more than a decade

    I'm not sure what your point is here. If you're saying that most of these self-defense shooters were themselves criminals, and their need for self-defense was a direct result of committing a crime, then I don't think that would be ruled justifiable homicide. To take your example, if a drug...
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    Intentionally DON'T ccw.

    Like any right, it is up to us to exercise them responsibly. Like, going into a biker bar and making remarks at the patrons calling into question their heterosexuality. I guess I have a first amendment right to express that opinion, but that doesn't mean it's an intelligent thing to do.
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    Who else can't shoot .357Sig accurately?

    I'm still not clear. Are you saying: 1) the point of aim changed when you switched to 357 SIG - in this case, you would still be shooting tight groups, but the groups are centered low on the target instead of on the x ring 2) the group size opened up AND tended to center low on the target...
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    I have been considering reasons for CCW licensing...

    This is one of those (many) issues that come down to a difference between ideals and reality. If we are talking about what is ultimately right and wrong, then I agree with the purists. We shouldn't have to have a permit to carry. Basic human rights should not require permits. The permit...
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    Los Angeles Times blogger makes fool of herself

    My favorite comment:
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    Question for residents of IL,LA,IN,OK,AL

    I would be surprised if any of the schools allow carry on campus. Illinois is far and away the worst of your choices from a gun laws perspective. No CCW, nohow, nowhere. You will have to get a FOID card - basically a gun owner license - to posess, transport, or purchase guns or ammo. Things...
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    War PP bought at unethical shop

    Look at it this way: if you hadn't showed up the next day and just decided to walk away from the deal, would he have been justified in tracking you down and making you buy the gun? If no, then you didn't really have a deal. A deal is only a deal if both parties are obligated to do their part...
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    How do you carry your P230?

    I carry a P 232 (almost the same gun) in a Ken Null SMZ shoulder holster. This is what I use for my "business suit" carry method, although it could work with anything as long as your outfit includes a jacket or some other kind of cover garment. This system...
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    awb fears

    I agree that passing a new AWB is not high on the agenda they are publicly talking about right now. However, that can change. Politicians realizing that gun control is a loser in election years is not the same thing as politicians giving up on gun control. Get them past the election...
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    Question for CCW license holders

    I think there may be some states where a business posting a "no carry" sign has some force of law. Not in my state - Indiana. Here, it is just a situation where the business owner can ask you to leave. It carries no legal or criminal force. Sometimes a private party or business may have...
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    Nice buck! Deer season starts early in CA, I guess. We have to wait until November (for gun season, anyway).
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    Sarah Palin questioned about assault weapons....

    We have a winner, folks. I have personally had an anti tell me that the AWB was about fully auto machine guns. She seriously believes that you can go in to any old gun store and buy a real full auto AK47 for a couple hundred bucks and walk out the same day, no paperwork, no background check...
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    How do you test handgun ammo penetration/expansion?

    I can see doing this for fun, but I'm not sure you can make valid comparisons this way. You don't want a handgun bullet that is optimized for water or phone books (unless those are frequent assailants in your neighborhood).
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    Another reason not to reveal to LEO

    Possibly; sure, young kid, trained on a Glock, no experience with revolvers, it could happen... 'cause, with Glocks, it is perfectly normal and safe gun handling to point them at yourself and pull the trigger ;) I think they should have an orientation for the younger cops who aren't used...