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    Funny 1911 Article

    As a Glock owner, I got a kick out of this.
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    Brady Campaign on Colbert Report..

    Anyone got a copy of their reaction?
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    Brady Campaign on Colbert Report..

    Helmke's discussion of knife defense cracks me up!
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    Scrap lead from batteries?

    Don't even think about it...
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    Brady Campaign's Peter Hamm talks smack on Facebook!

    The other thing about a lot of the prohibitionist groups is that they often shut off any sort of discussion or debate.
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    Brady Campaign's Peter Hamm talks smack on Facebook!

    It was posted here:
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    Brady Campaign's Peter Hamm talks smack on Facebook!

    I love it when people talk smack online. Because they would never say it to your face in person. Keep in mind this guy is the Communication Director for the Brady Campaign.
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    Beretta Storm CX4 Conversion - BATFE Subject

    +1,000,000 to that. Don't turn the CX4 into an ineffective monstrosity.
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    I'm sure the admins keep tabs on when the IP addy ranges of the VPC and the BCGV show up.
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    Castle Doctrine and technology

    Most tragedies begin with "Hey Hold my beer!"...
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    Castle Doctrine and technology

    Your name isn't Gecko45 by any chance is it? ;)
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    What do you carry for defense for those in non-CCW countries?

    Does South Korea have much of a problem with street crime?
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    Now this is funny!

    Junk the simunitions and stick with airsoft. It's cheaper that way and allows for more repetitions with less padding.
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    Advantage of TiN carrier and bolt over chrome?

    Titanium is a fairly reactive metal. Don't do it unless you like the bolt fusing to a hot cartridge case...
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    Buyers remorse on HK USP .40?

    Deleted. An offensive comment or one taken to be offensive was contained in a post that contributed nothing to the thread. Not to THR standards and the type that will result in a permanent ban if continued.
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    Tennessean publishes CCW holders info?

    You have to do the same e-mail strategy that happened to Zumbos sponsors.
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    Anti-gun message boards?

    This is an asymmetric political battle. Paycheck versus passion
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    Virginia Tech shooting - a (not so scientific) study of the victims and survivors

    As I understand it, Cho killed himself as soon as he noticed the police broke in. Seems similar to the New Life Church Incident in that when faced with the possibility of defeat, the murderer chose to kill himself rather than fight it out with the possibility of defeat. Has anyone else...
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    Vulcan V-94

    They are one and the same. Hesse pulled a Todd Bailey and changed their name.