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    Road Rage:Federal Agent Killed at Broward County FL,Post Office
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    Road Rage:Federal Agent Killed at Broward County FL,Post Office
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    Smith and Wesson M&P Compact 9mm Range Report
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    Why bullpups?

    The Kel-Tec RFB has a great trigger, at least on the prototypes.
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    M&P rebate: How long between mags and $$$?

    Havent received my rebate yet. Some on M&P forum say S&W will not be sending the rebates out until after the New Year.
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    Kydex holster for M&P .40 cal Compact Plenty of holsters available much better than the Blackhawk stuff.
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    Carrying a weapon light? Bladetech also makes some options.
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    disappointed in my crimson trace grips :(

    From my experiences with CT, they will send you another pair of batteries. They have very good customer service.
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    S&W M&P 45acp here soon

    I can't tell much of a difference between the M&P 45 and M&P9/40 grip wise. They kept the capacity at 10 to keep the grip thin without being overly long. They will offer a 14 round extended magazine in the future I believe.
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    Has Anyone Used a Timney Trigger in Their AR?

    I tried them out at SHOT and they were nice. Short clean break on the trigger. For the price I think it is a great trigger.
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    S&W M&P compact...holsters?

    For Kydex, Comptac has compact holsters in stock. My compact fits fine in my full size holsters (but there are some which apparently will not work this way).
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    M&P Compact... need answers and recommendations.

    A 9C is my current CCW. It has been reliable with no failures. "1) Are these guns DAO, DA/SA, or what?" See second post. Very similar to a Glock. "2) How is the reliability/shootability of these guns?" Reliability seems to be very good for the most part with M&Ps. The gun has...
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    A look at a custom M&P 40

    I would agree that the M&P grip in stock form is too slippery when your hands get slippery or sweaty. I personally like very coarse grips on my firearms. I like the crowning job. I would be curious to see one put in a rest and the accuracy tested before and after the crowning.
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    Short M&P 40 range report

    Congrats. Your mag springs are still new and stiff. When they wear in it will be easier to insert a topped off magazine with the slide closed. Incase you were not aware, the location for the M&P Forums is:
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    A look at a custom M&P 40

    Looking good. Nice to see more gunsmiths jumping onboard the M&P bandwagon! :evil:
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    Open Season (on Islamo Facists) Video

    Those religions do not teach the followers to kill anyone that is outside the sphere of islam but that has nothing to do with the video. Islamofascism: Back to the video..... While I don't particularly like the music they make, the message is good...
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    Glock 19 or S&W M&P 9mm..which one?

    I bought an M&P and liked it so much I sold off my Glock 19 to finance an M&P compact. If you do a search, I wrote some comparisons between my Glock 19 and my M&P Fullsize in my Fullsize Range Report.
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    The safety on a Smith & Wesson M&P...

    If you decide to keep the gun by your bedside, you can always place the gun in a holster which covers the trigger guard to avoid grabbing it and getting your finger in the trigger guard. Not all M&Ps have mag safeties btw. Mine do not. As to the safety, YES, S&W will be adding the M&P 45 with...
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    The 642 club

    Take a trip down to SE Broward County. Big Al's and American Indoor range and I believe Bass Pro allows your own ammo. You can shoot whatever you want through your J-frame :evil: