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    New Sig P226 Tacops in 9mm

    I'm looking to get one of these myself but I been reading a lot of mix reviews on holsters due to the rails. Have you got a holster for it yet? All I would want is a simple owb holster like a Blackhawk Serpa and would love some first hand experience from someone that owns one.
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    Self defense piece for Mom

    If you are looking to introduce her to autoloaders, let her try a Ruger LC380. It has a trigger pull very similar to a revolver. It also has a slide that is extremely easy to rack. The recoil on the gun is almost nonexistent. Lots of new shooters, female shooters, and elderly shooters seem to...
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    No bang with S&B ammo

    I had alot of trouble shooting S&B 9mm through a browning hi power last year. Seemed like every 3rd or 4th round wouldn't fire. They all shot on the 2nd attempt. The gun normally runs Winchester and Remington just fine. I no longer use their ammo. Just like anything else, some people have great...
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    Any Springfield XD owners and grip safety

    I've never had a problem. My XDM doesn't need pressed very far to work. Have also shot the xd9sc numorous times without a problem. I've never had a problem with any 1911 either. I like the grip safety, it gives me a little more safety when holstering IWB that it isn't going to go off so long as...
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    Looking for my first IWB concealable handgun.

    You could prob make that xd45c work well in the waistband with a crossbreed holster and good belt. You may want to try it before you commit to a smaller 9mm. I believe the xd45c has the shorter grip which is the hardest part to conceal. The 4 inch barrel is easy to conceal IWB. I usually carry...
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    Is .380 and .38spl gone too?

    We all know "real calibers" come from shortening a cartridge and making it less powerful.
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    Your Concealed Carry Gun?

    I'd say plan on having 2 guns for concealed carry. Have a good, reliable, pocket gun such as a LCP or S&W 642, and have a good belt gun such as a Glock 19, XDM 45 compact, etc... Caliber and weapon is a very personal choice and the area you live in can sway your opinions. I used to be happy with...
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    New from Glock the 30s

    You would think they could of just tapered the glock 30 slide like an XDM .45 3.8 slide. Not sure why Glock would want to go mixing parts from one of its most reliable guns with one of its most problematic ones.
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    Ruger LCP 380 - the bad?

    The magazine will pop out of mine if I shoot the magazine with the finger extension on it. Shoots the flush fitting magazine just fine. Looks like the magazine latch is worn inside the gun. I'm thinking the extra pressure from my finger is causing it to pop out. Started to happen around the 200...
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    for CC: RIA GI .45 or XDm .45 compact?

    I faced a similar decision and went with the XDM .45 compact. The XDM is 100% reliable with hollowpoints, I liked the 9 + 1 over the 1911, & the finish on the XD holds up a lot better to sweat and condensation build up when carrying IWB than the 1911 did. I also like being able to throw a 13...
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    Snub Nose .38 Special...Critial Defense or Nyclad?

    Just load both rounds, alternate every other round, spin the cylinder, and close it. Play ammo roulette with the bad guys. Actually, both rounds will serve you well, just load the one you shoot best with. You can argue all day that one "may" not penetrate deep enough, or one "may" not expand due...
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    What's the latest consensus on the XD9 ? (may trade Glock 26 for one.)

    Sometimes I wonder how people like Jerry Miculek and Rob Leatham can keep winning competitions and speed challenges using their high bore axis revolvers, XDs, and 1911s. Maybe because the only place high bore axis seems to matter is on internet forums?
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    1911 Magazine Talk

    I ran into a similar problem with my original colt mag, I would get a failure to feed everytime with gold dots, usually on about the 5th round. My other mag also stamped colt would feed them no problem. Needless to say, I no longer have that original magazine. It was trashed and replaced with...
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    Carrying Spare Mags

    I'd say to judge your local area as to whether you really feel the need for a spare mag. I personally don't see the need for a spare mag for my daily routines. I understand all the mag failure scenarios etc... But if you are that concerned about a weapons malfunction (the oh what if the firing...
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    Springfield XDs Reliability Update & Questions

    They are very reliable. Both the .45 and 9mm have performed flawlessly for me. I've had the 9mm sub-compact since it first came out, and its reliability convinced me to upgrade to the .45 for carry.
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    Why hasn't the .50 GI caught on?

    In Oklahoma, all ccw must be .45 caliber or less, so thats a reason right there that I wouldn't own one.
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    Do you think this .380acp round would be good as a defensive round?

    Looks like they should of kept that hollow point full of lead and made it a jacketed soft point. I'd be interested to see how one would perform in .380. Might penetrate as deep as a fmj, and if it did expand, prob wouldn't be as dramatic as a hollowpoint, allowing it to go in deeper. Just some...
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    Springfield XDS or XDM 45 ?

    The XDM 45 compact is a great gun. I can easily put 100 rounds through it at the range without getting tired & with the right belt, holster, and untucked tshirt, it conceals easy IWB. It is pretty accurate and hasn't malfunctioned once, even while running federal champion ammo. Unless you are...
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    XD series compared to Glock in durability and reliability There is the link to the old XD torture test. Google search also works well for this kind of research.
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    Springfield Armory XDS

    Well I can see Jackpinesavages is giving his usual anti-Springfield opinion every other post, such a delight to see. He must just drool everytime he sees an XD thread. Now if he could only get his opinion to matter to someone other than himself.