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    CMP Service Rifle - What's the target?

    The PDF link is what I was looking for. I also found in my own research the Infantry Trophy targets which apparently are good as well for a different course of fire.
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    CMP Service Rifle - What's the target?

    I've been looking all morning and cannot find a designation for what the official target is that's used in the CMP Service Rifle matches. Anybody have an idea?
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    NRA Schilling for Facebook?

    Recently an NRA rep did a survey over on regarding issues with the NRA. This response basically hits the nail on the head of what transpired over there. The response was that nobody who is either young, atheistic/agnostic (or anything but christian really), an ethnic minority, an...
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    Say howdy to the NSA!

    This thread is also off-topic and has been reported.
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    Clip for Savage 23AA

    Pretty much any manual-action rifle in 22lr can shoot any rimfire 22 ammo being 22lr, 22 long, and 22 short. This does NOT work in reverse though.
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    Trigger group jumped out of place?

    Thanks that was exactly the piece I was talking about. I call it a trigger group as a general name for any gun when what I mean is "Yeah all the springy parts that make the gun work that I don't want to ever touch." I was actually able to push the plate sideways a little bit back into place as...
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    Trigger group jumped out of place?

    Ok this thread is kind of a general survey. If it were just a repair thread I'd have thrown it into the handgun forum. I'm curious in general if this has happened to anyone else and what caused or might cause it to happen. Also how do I prevent it happening again? I have a S&W 22A pistol that...
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    Best AR red dot for the money

    The best value you are going to find in RD/Holo sights is going to be the Aimpoint or Eotech. Trijicon is absolutely awesome but I'd argue against value because well... they charge you too much like Snap-On Tools IMHO. Now a number of people are going to disagree but I just put a SightMark brand...
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    Is talking about our guns a good idea with big surveillance govt?

    If you didn't think the government had been observing anything relevant to it's security for the past few decades you're a fool. For the length of my lifetime (25) everything always has been observed in some way or another if there's somebody that can benefit from it. Maybe it's not one person...
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    New .45cal, what bullets?

    I do most of my practicing on other rifles really and so am only looking at 30 shots or so out of this rifle. Whatever it takes to get it zeroed and get a decent group of 3 shots together so I feel comfortable with it. Given that information what are the ups and downs of the lighter and heavier...
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    $300 and no gun at all, but...

    12 gauge pump shotgun preferable of the Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 family with a 24 or 26 inch barrel 1.) The gun will hunt anything. 2.) The mid-range barrel maintains some portability while still being useful for ranged shots. 3.) Effective defensive weapon. 4.) No it's not concealable...
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    New .45cal, what bullets?

    I just came into possession of Winchester X-150 still in the box. It's an inline muzzle-loader of the .45 Caliber flavor with a 1:28 twist rate. The intended usage is Michigan white-tail deer at 0-100 yards but if I can make it stretch to 150 or 200 yards I'd be all the happier. I've never...
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    What are your ideal range dimensions?

    Sorry 303 but our club doesn't even own that much land. Sam1911 that's good to hear that some clubs are going that way. I find that our club is really lacking in the "multi-purpose areas." We just built a 25ydx25yd pistol range but the burms are so short you can't shoot anywhere but right...
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    What are your ideal range dimensions?

    //Begin Edit EDIT, 1303 EDST 6/17/2013: Guys I was talking about a club range. So far the majority of posts here have been suggesting infinite land. The problem is that with an organization owning the range you need insurance and you have paranoid members. The idea is to give as much room as...
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    Thoughts and Prayers

    Just came back to this forum after some time away, saw this thread and regret I was not here when it was current. I started to type out a descriptive reply and failed miserably. All I can really leave here is... BA/UU/R.
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    DOJ Considering Elimination of ATF

    I'm going to come in here and defend the ATF. Remember the full acronym is BATFE which is Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives. This agency is necessary IMO in some respects because they do possess some expertise in forensics regarding these areas. Recently here in Michigan a lawyer...
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    Can youth with records handle supervised.

    Thanks guys, my mind wandered and pushed this matter to the back of my brain. My conscience was saying NO but I had to ask.
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    JC Higgins 311A... closet gun

    @El Mariachi... stock is wood. Pics are incoming. Just looking at pics realized chamber is 2 3/4"... need to make some serious note of that :D 2 pictures... linked because I don't know how to downsize them so they don't blow up your monitor.
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    JC Higgins 311A... closet gun

    Well my friend was given a JC Higgins, Sears & Roebuck Co. 1017 SxS shotgun that is labeled as a model 311A. The gun is labeled as a 12 gauge. Background... the owner of the gun died, the owners wife called my friend and said there was a "rifle" in the closet and he could have it. Well that's...
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    Can youth with records handle supervised.

    Ok this is purely a legal question, there are a million other factors that come into this discussion regarding safety and wisdom of doing this but right now I just want the legal side of things. Can a youth (under 18) with a criminal record handle and shoot firearms legally while being...