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    Lynn Thompson's new company "Never Unarmed"

    Nah, while I will always buy his "special" line as I am a huge fan of affordable melee weapons, I dont really want to be LT or live his life. I make my living in sales. My job is to sell the quality of my family's work. We are successful. Not Cold Steel successful, but that isn't our aim anyway...
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    Lynn Thompson's new company "Never Unarmed"

    You'll also be able to hammer it through a meat filled boot after someone other than Lynn does pull ups off of it ;)
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    When Did 870 Express Quality Go Down?

    My first gun back in 2009 was an Express. It worked OK, but the factory magazine extension was so rough that loading it full was a pain and could deform the shells and jam up from time to time. I eneded up trading it for an old 870p that was probably from the mid 1970s, which I found better in...
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    Too good to be true?

    How do you think China gets our personal data? Bots? Scrubbing social media? pfffft. Obviously they are planting microscopic chips in all their Wish products. I mean, it makes perfect sense. The company is called "Wish". How does one wish? By telling a little star/genie/monitoring agent of the...
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    Stainless steel frame on my Charter Arms .38's

    I do like the metal grip frames better. The polymer on my UC is great for weight in the pocket, but I like the more solid feel on my Pitbull .45. Looks great!
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    One Cartridge Per Platform Choice

    The shotgun is easy: Mossberg 590a1 pump. 12 gauge comes in many, many flavors. Even right now, while slugs and buck are hard to come by, I can still get some target loads which are better than nothing. The handgun is a bit trickier. While I generally prefer a .45 acp for carry, it is...
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    Looking for a new 357

    My 686+ would be the last handgun I give up.
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    22 LR vs 22 WMR in revolvers

    I carry a NAA .22 mag whenever I can't carry anything bigger. I dont find it that obnoxious and I do like that regardless whether the extra powder is wasted on a 2" barrel it still puts more stank on the bullet which is, as was noted, a better performing bullet over the usual .22 lr. I like...
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    New Dog in town...Bulldog that is.

    Agree 100% with everything you said:) I'm just not a reloader, so a commercially available and affordable potent round like the .45 acp works best for me. Actually, I would probably go with the XL frame .45 colt bulldog over the .44 special as well simply because the .45 colt is easier to find...
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    New Dog in town...Bulldog that is.

    I have a soft spot for Charters over pretty much any brand. They just work. My .45 acp Pitbull fills most of my big bore snubbie needs, but I still plan on getting a Bulldog. 44 sometime soon. Its funny, of all the guns I have that are arguably better, the cheap and reliable DAO Undercover...
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    "Carry" Caliber Wars???

    As has been noted, mentioned, quoted, and rehashed, people carry smaller guns for all kinds of reasons. If work attire is not an issue as is the situation for me currently in the cold off-season. I'll pick my .45 Shield all day long. It weighs very little, is small enough that I don't find it...
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    LCP vs LCP II

    I find the LCP II to be a better gun (for me) in terms of trigger and aesthetics over the original. I bought the original LCP 10 years ago when my daughter was a baby. Carrying around a kiddo and a diaper bag was a lot. The little. 380 was very pocket friendly. I do like the build quality of...
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    Revisiting the Bullwhip

    De Longis really knows his stuff. That was a good demonstration of just using the whip in less than full reach. His big loop vids really opened my eyes as to what you could do with a bullwhip as a flexible weapon, and those little short snaps would at least get someone's attention to keep them...
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    Tomahawk Recomendation

    If you like the SOG, check out their SOG camp axe. Its basically a hawk with a squared off head instead instead of a spike.
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    Revisiting the Bullwhip

    10:4 :) I am a leather bender by hobby and know to steer away from stuff that softens the leather. According to the maker, a bit of roughly applied (mostly dry) saddle soap left on for half a day or so will protect the leather. Short of getting it dirty, it will only need to be wiped down after...
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    Favorite Movie Shotgun?

    Speaking of Rutger Hauer, I actually like the plain Jane 870 Police he uses in the grind house throwback Hobo With A Shotgun. Its not so much the gun itself, but the fact that this guy has a literal choice to make between using his scraped together cash to make a better life for himself or...
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    Revisiting the Bullwhip

    I got my nose the first time I tried popping a cheap whip. It does take a bit of smacking ones self to get the hang on it;) I'm looking forward to breaking in an actual leather whip. My nylon one broke in pretty quick. I actually got my daughter to swing it around a bit this past spring, but...
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    Revisiting the Bullwhip

    I recall you mentioning having some experience with flexibles, John. I appreciate you weighing in;)
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    Revisiting the Bullwhip

    Let me preface this with the admittance that there are about 4,000 other hand to hand tools that make better "practical" weapons than the whip. Then again, while I am sure I could make shorter work of a charging attacker with my 50+" Claymore, I'm even less likely to have that on my person than...
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    Leatherman Multi-tools Prices?

    The Rebar is worth every bit of the $70 it commands. Its like a Supertool 300 Lite. Then again, im one of those idiots thst carries a $130 tool, so take my glowing recommendation of worth with a heavy grain of salt :D