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  1. P89DCSS

    so called cowboy "assault rifles"

    Sorry, @hso even Breitbart is in on tactical lever action rifles:
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    Pistol caliber (lever gun ) barrel length

    The newer Rossis have the half-cocked safety and the hated button safety. I don't have much history with levers so, like many others, I don't feel the need to remove it. I like being able to clear the tube without any chance for a discharge.
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    .357 Magnum carbine that is not a lever action?

    I had a Ruger 77/44. I didn't care for it. The bolt action required a very precise, well timed motion to consistently feed rounds without jamming. Others report the same problems with the 77/357.
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    Girsan MCP35 High Power

    I have a 1989 MkII BHP with the mag disconnect removed. The triggers still sucks.
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    Mec-Gar 1911 9mm magazines

    My OEM RIA 9mm 1911 magazine doesn't have any trouble taking 10 rounds as do my CMP magazines.
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    Ruger Super Blackhawk on the way

    I paid $800 a few years ago for the 7.5 inch which was a little high at the time (Armslist mail order, with risk). But an unfired Bisley with flutes was just what I wanted (no longer unfired). The 3.75 inch was a local sale several years ago, $550. If @Mark_Mark SBH has the factory box in my...
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    Pistol caliber (lever gun ) barrel length

    When I bought my 16" R92 I went to an LGS that had the 16" and 20". After handing both I chose the 16" because the shorter barrel felt better to me. After a few months I bought a 24" hexagonal barrel 44mag R92.
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    Is Taurus a Good Brand for Revolvers

    Conversations like this one remind how nice it is to be being able to work on Ruger SP/GP/SRH revolvers. The SP with gritty trigger that OP tested probably need a flush and lube and it'll be much better. I give all my Ruger DA revolvers a fluff and buff trigger job and softer springs. That makes...
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    The pinnacle of my collection has come home !

    Prices are coming down:
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    Jury finds NRA officers violated responsibilities

    If there's someone that thinks this was a fair trial and venue, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. You all loved WLP when he stood up to Obama after Sandy Hook. Now you all hate him for his clothing allowance. And the DA got what she ran on, destroying the NRA.....
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    I went to my clubs traders days n found a blast from the past

    Never heard of this product. Before asking what plastic bullets are/were I used the google. Midway has 'em in stock: These reusable components are the perfect way for a shooter to get some inexpensive practice when they don't have time to go to the...
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    Best 44 special for self defense?

    PMC 44spl JHP 180gn
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    Rock Island BBR

    I'm a 9mm devotee, I see they have a BBR in 9mm now.... I'd rather have a Glock 26.
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    Favorite release agent for devcon.

    I used PAM and it's also useful in the kitchen.
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    Rossi peep sights
  16. P89DCSS

    New grips for my K22

    You guys inspired me. Ordered these from Altamont, took a couple weeks to arrive. Ruger 10 round GP100 in 22lr:
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    Book for S&W revolver fans

    Here's an interesting book covering S&W revolvers:
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    Rossi peep sights

    The only thing I'm seeing that mounts on the receiver's existing threaded holes is a Picatinny rail with peep sight mounted. Less than ideal esp related to it's required comb height, too high. There's always Steve's Gunz peep sight that replaces the bolt safety...
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    Mark_Mark's 3D Printer, for Reloading Stuff, is On the Way

    My local Community College has a lab about ten 3D printers available for the public's use. I need to think of a project for it. Maybe grip panels for this Cold Steel drop forged knife?
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    Which Guns Would You Pick If You Don't Reload?

    I don't reload. That's why I picked 44spl/mag over 45c for revolvers and levers. 44spl was expensive during the shortage but I'm stocked up. Same story for 38/357, I prefer it because it's been easy to find and reasonably priced.