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    Tumbler motor

    Call RCBS and buy their motor. Last time I checked it was under $20.00.
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    Whats your favorite reloading gadget Bought or made

    My mind. I read handloading and casting articles and books daily. You can never get too much knowledge.
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    I can be such a dope..

    All of my Lee dies have a lifetime warranty on the decapping pins.
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    Will I be happy with Lee dies?

    I prefer my Lee dies to my RCBS and Hornady dies. I buy Lee if I'm buying new. If I'm buying NOS I look for Pacific Durachrome, Bonanza, or Redding.
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    Finally Bought A .40 S&W. Bullet Suggestions?

    My two favorites are Nosler 135gr JHP's and my Lee 401-175-TC's. I used the 135gr Longshot loads from the Hodgdon site. I stopped when I duplicated the published 357 mag 125gr velocities with the 135gr HP.
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    Press choices

    Sounds like a Lee Classic Turret press to me. Unless I'm going to turn out over 300 rounds, at one sitting, I use it over my Dillon.
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    Lee Case Resizer Decapping pin

    In a pinch(one actually has lasted over five years now) you can use a finishing or panel nail until you get replacements. Just make sure the head fits the flat. I have one die that has a recess the head sits in and it takes a different nail than the other one. The Lee decapper pin presses in...
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    Sizing Cast Bullets

    I use both Lee sizers and a Lyman 450. I've had no trouble seating GC's on any of my bullets. I think if either the GC or bullet shank was of the wrong diameter it would cause a problem, but if the shank fits in the GC it should crimp on with no problems. I am interested in hearing what other...
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    Need Help Please-stuck case

    Take the decapping pin out. Look into the die from the top. If there is enough case above the sizing ring take a brass(or whatever you have) rod and bend the casemouth in to from a shelf. Take a punch and tap the case out. Just to state the obvious, if there isn't enough case exposed above the...
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    Single stage advice

    He was sizing a magnum case. Don't remember the actual caliber. It happened in '08, and my memory for detail isn't what it once was. They did replace it, but he sold it and bought one of the the new Classic Cast presses. You'll notice I added a revision at the bottom. I now, have a friend...
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    Single stage advice

    ...Breech Lock is a pretty good press for someone on a limited budget. Unfortunately, I am biased when it comes to the RCBS Partner press. The only one* I ever saw was broken. The main frame actually broke free from the base, so I wouldn't take one if it was free. The only press I've ever seen...
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    Which mould, RCBS or lyman?

    Lachmiller, that would be RCBS, now. I only have one Lachmiller, and zero RCBS moulds, but IMHO it's of a higher quality than any of my Lyman moulds. I have some older Ideal moulds that are downright petite, when compared to the Lachmiller, but they seem to be of a higher quality than the Lymans...
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    Lee Auto-disk measure suddenly throwing light(er)

    Mine fluctuates with humidity changes.
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    44 Special Pet Loads???

    Give AA#7 a try. It's becoming my go to powder for 357 mag, 40 sw, 44 spl, and 45 acp. My Redhawk was very accurate with the 250gr swc, AA#7 8.1gr starting load. Since I shoot with friend with severe rheumatoid arthritis I didn't go any further. The recoil is light enough that he only needs one...
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    What Does Water do to Powder?

    Put a sheet or two of plywood on the floor.
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    So I'm hating Lyman right about now (rant)

    Sorry to hear that. I guess at some point they'll either learn or go belly up.
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    .30-30 coal q

    If it works as well as a case full of 4350 you should be very happy.
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    AA#7 for .357 mag?

    The Accurate site shows 9.1-10.1gr with a 158gr SWC. I use a two charges from that range depending on the bullet's construction. You'll need to work up tour own load and find the one that works best with your bullets.
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    One step crimp/seat

    I seat and crimp in two steps with 30-30, 308 Win(with cast bullets), 30-06(with cast bullets), 32 S&W Long, 45 ACP, 44 Mag, and 40 S&W. Everything else I pretty much do it the traditional way. From the looks of things I'm slowly going to two steps myself. That list used to be just one...