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    Dillon 550B worth used?

    Haha. Nice one. Truth be told I probably have 20k projectiles. Just looking to downsize. I'm not shooting nearly as much as I once did. I got old lol.
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    Dillon 550B worth used?

    Hi folks, Been a while Im going to sell my progressive presses keep single stage. I have a Dillon 550B, it's probably 15 years old. Has all the bells and whistles that you can bolt to it. I.e., powder sensor, primer sensor, base strong mount, bullet tray, etc. You name it. What does...
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    5-0-5 scale

    I thought the Ohaus were made in Mexico now? Man, times sure change.
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    Primers - Not a history lesson

    I live in the great state of **********. I store my product in the garage. It easily gets 30 degrees in winter and over 100 in summer IN the garage. I have only seen 2 primer failures in my life of reloading, and I blame them on weak springs, not on storage, as the second pull they fired...
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    Subsonic 308 rounds

    I used a 168 bthp behind 9gr of trailboss, its under a 1000fps everytime. Accuracy is uh OK (meaning you can bang a 8" gong), out to 100 yards. Haven't really worked it up yet, but it doesn't pop the shoulder at all (for us weak shouldered guys). Its a plinker for my boys.
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    Debur tool?

    I have several debur tools. Wilson, Lyman and Lee and an RCBS. I never really thought about it, but just used whatever one I could find in the garage first. The 22 degree. Compared with the old standard 45 degree Anybody ever seen a difference? I'm not just talking lyman, its just the...
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    how long are primers good for?

    If they were stored properly hahaha, (loaded word right?), they will out live you easily and then some. I keep my primers at 30 to 90 degrees on a good day, but I don't give it much thought. I literally have some rounds that are older than myself, and they shoot well. The only thing that has...
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    Confession from a dedicated reloader.

    Well said sir. but then "He" learned that wheel guns were the best.......
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    Recipe for my first handload, .308

    I disagree with the gent stating to not "prep your brass". To each their own. I like to think if it as an algebra problem. Whatever you do to the left, do to the right. So with that said, just prep and do the very same thing across the board to all your brass. Try some 3031, H4895, may...
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    Linear Powders Pressure Curve?

    I know it sounds stupid, right? Maybe I should rephrase it in different words... I probably have 25 powders on hand, maybe even more. With that said, I am looking to make life simpler. I love to load up and shoot light, reduced loads, handgun and rifle. It doesn't always work out like...
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    RIP rcmodel

    My lord. I don't have words, but I exchanged words with the gent several times, and he was always helpful. I can't recall how many times I read his words. The reloading world is less with him gone, lets hope we all remembered what his words of wisdom were.
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    357 mag case separation

    Ohh lord. Thats starline brass. I have around 3k brass from starline, mostly 9mm and 357s, and I can specifically say I have never seen that kind of "separation" on starline. That is by no means a headspace issue. No way, no how.
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    38 Spec, CLAYS

    Rather a loaded question. Been playing around with 38 special loads in an ancient 686 plus, using 357 mag brass with clays. Folks swear by clays for 38 special something akin to the defacto bullseye load. I haven't been able to locate many 38 special data using clays. Any secrets? At...
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    30-30 Trailboss

    I decided to have some fun and l loaded up 40 rounds of 30-30, 150 grain Berrys plated. Looking at the PDF that Hodgdon put out on Trailboss, it claims the formula is: Find where the base of the bullet...
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    7/8"x14 to 7/8"x14 coupler?

    @ ArchAngelCD Correct, I need to be able to raise the die in the press, unfortunately I can't go any higher as I have run out of threads. Hence why I wanted a 7/8x14 thread insert into the RCBS press with a female end to accept the 7/8x14 thread that the die can be inserted into. Basically...
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    7/8"x14 to 7/8"x14 coupler?

    I have a Dillon 550B and a Rock chucker supreme single stage. I want to run one of my Dillon Powder Dispenser on the Rock chucker. I have the Dillon return springs for powder thrower (like the RL450), and I also have the bell crank that doesn't have the safety return linkage. So it works fine...
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    Dillon 550B, what is this hex head bolt used for?

    Hi all, Dillon 550B Been sometime since I posted and a long time since I reloaded, I recently (well last year), tore apart my 550B, and re-lubed all the components punching out all the pins, etc, and am putting the finishing touches on it. Runs real nice now. Anyway, I never put the...
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    Dillon 550B alignment tool (ram replacement)

    Of course, you can ask, and I will gladly tell you why I didn't send it to Dillon. #1, the sheer act to dismantle all components even off my support structures would be a major <bleep>. #2, Shipping cost would be a factor for something large and awkward, finding a box, difficult. #3, I am...
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    Dillon 550B alignment tool (ram replacement)

    Wow, exactly what I needed! Thanks boys. Happy Thanksgiving. Be well.
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    Dillon 550B alignment tool (ram replacement)

    Hi guys, I made a boo-boo on threading in the shell plate bolt, stripped out the Ram mount bore threading(main shaft). So I called dillon and got a new shaft, 70 bones and some shipping. Decided to strip the machine down and punch out the pins, and gave her a real good grease job. Wow, It...