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    First Ruger 10/22

    You lucked out on the 1965 model, I found a 1968 model in near mint condition several years ago in a pawn shop. It’s still factory stock and I plan on keeping it that way. 125.00 out the door.
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    Good book or videos on proper bench technique with a bipod.

    I’ve never been able to get the accuracy with a bipod as I have a good solid front and rear rest. I don’t even own a bipod any more.
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    .22 LR Shooting Bench

    I agree, make that a bowl of warm boiled peanuts.
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    Federal Automatch Accuracy?

    I have shot thousands of rounds with only one misfire. It’s reliable in a bolt action but haven’t used it in a semi. Accuracy is so so. It is NOT match ammo.
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    Wanting to make an Uber accurate squrriel getter 10-22

    Dime sized groups you say, Blazer bulk you say, at 80 yards, You better hang on to that one.
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    Marlin 60 Trigger Solutions

    If you want a REALLY good trigger, get a CZ
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    Shooting the 10-22 today

    Like Picher said, shoot it at 50 yds and use a good rest to get the best accuracy.
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    New .22 rifle daydreams

    Can you show some groups using the Federal Auto match, I can’t find any that is consistent. One group good then the next group all over the place.
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    22LR single shots

    May I suggest a CZ Scout. Its smaller in size and is made with quality workmanship. Maybe Varminterror won't rip this one too bad.
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    Ruger 77/22 experiences

    Most CZ 22’s will shoot better than the 77/22’s at about half the price.
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    CZ no more left handed .22 Bolt Actions

    I too am left handed but years ago I switched because I couldn’t find any lefty rifles. My career was as a telephone man that worked with scissors every day of my 31 years. Never did I have a pair of left handed scissors, so I had to make do with what I had:)
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    CZ no more left handed .22 Bolt Actions

    Before you jump on the T-Bolt compare the CZ's to the T-Bolt. Most favor the CZ.
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    Let's see the .22 rifles that make you smile

    The first is a CZ 455 Varmint with a Lilja barrel, the second is a Brno #4. Both have a Mueller 8-32x44 TD scope
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    Which semi-auto .22 LR??

    If you think that one is accurate, try one of the CZ bolt .22’s
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    I got a new .22LR from Bergara ... the BXR001 and it sure shoots great.

    With a cost of 500 dollars it’s an overpriced 10/22, with about the same accuracy.
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    Real world plinking 25 yard 22LR ammo comparison with hot barrel (Ruger 10/22 Collector #3 break in)

    This is proof that 10/22's are great for spraying lead.:D
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    CZ 82 chipped grips

    I have the CZ 83 in .380. Will the same kit fit it. I believe the mags are interchangable.
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    Better Ignition on CZ 455

    It probably won’t need it on the 452. The 455 has a different tip on the firing pin because of using the same firing pin on three different calibers, 22, 22 mag and .17. If anyone needs more info on grinding the tip, Rimfire Central has plenty on the CZ/Brno section.
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    Value of Ruger 10 22 with walnut wood and metal trigger guard and butt plate

    I bought a '68 carbine several years ago in mint condition for $125. I don't think the seller knew what he had. I've been offered twice that but it's not for sale
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    CZ 457 Varmint .17 HMR - Ammo Testing

    Sad thing about a .17 is the lack of good ammo. My 455 in .22 shoots better than .17 at 50 yds.