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    Reloading 20 Ga. Need A little Help

    You can learn to reload shotshells by reading a good manual. You will not learn much by guessing and asking questions on the net. Without reading you will not know enough to ask the right questions.
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    Best Piece of Reloading Equipment that stepped up your reloading precision

    A better UNLOADING tool - in the form of a 40X-BR benchrest rifle. The Stoney Point/Hornady case gauge tool allowed me to set my case shoulders to exactly match my chambers. This practice improved the accuracy in many different rifles.
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    Resize and trim new 45-70 Starline brass??

    Only trim your cases after they have been fire formed and resized. If you are concerned that a little variation will affect your crimps be sure to use a Lee factory die. It is not sensitive to case length.
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    Reloading 20 Ga. Need A little Help

    1. Figure out what powder you want to use. 2, Use data from that powder mfg. 3. Use the components in the powder mfg data. One of the most important points to consider is the stack up of the components in the hull. You must have the right height to get a good crimp. For the 20 ga I use...
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    Can I fix or improve this brass?

    Run an expander ball into the case necks. This will force the metal out and form a ridge on the outside of the case mouth. Then deburr the outside and inside and most of the ridge will be gone.
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    Neck Expansion in Bottle-Neck Cases

    The drag is really no different. It only feels different because the linkage of the press does not have much mechanical advantage at the top of the ram stroke.
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    Most Consistent Primers

    For a hunting rifle messing with different primers is a waste of time. I started reloading using Fed #210 primers because the local Gibson store carried them. I still use them 50 some years later. Along the way I have also used Remington and Winchester large rifle primers to my complete...
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    Redding Dies Worth It?

    There is a definite pecking order when shopping for dies. 1. They must be made in the caliber you want to buy. 2. They must be available for purchase. 3. They should fit your budget 4. They should have the good features you want and exclude the features you do not like. If you are buying some...
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    Loading 45-70

    Loading the 45-70 is very simple Pick the EXTRUDED powder you would like to use between 2400, 4227, 5744 to 4198 in burning rate Load it to the pressure you want to use based on the manufacturer's data. (Forget your VV powder and any others that have very little loading data. That will help you...
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    .223 shoulder bump issue

    The angled shoulder of the case moves back but for some reason you attempt to spoil every thread that discusses this subject. I suppose you also think we cannot bend sheet metal yet that is precisely what is happening. The case is not completely supported by the die as long as part of the case...
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    .223 shoulder bump issue

    When a case is first squeezed by the die the side was of the case are squeezed in first before the shoulder is ever touched. This causes the shoulder to bulge forward and the Hornady tool can detect the longer shoulder. If you keep pushing the case deeper into the die the die shoulder will...
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    Probably dumb question - resizing loaded rounds...

    The RCBS trim dies have an enlarged neck that is about .010 larger than a common FL sizing die. The trim die will permit sizing your loaded rounds but I do not know if they will size enough for fit your smaller chamber. This same question was asked on another forum. The shooter had several...
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    First reloading incident ever!!!

    I would not blame any particular brand of primer. I have used most brands 50 years or more and I have never set one off. Primers installed right don't go off.
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    Lee Hand Press

    Reloading is not a good activity to do in small increments here and there. I load on batches and have developed a set of habits that permit me to keep things straight but if you are new It is not such a good way to learn. I had no work space starting out over 50 years ago. Back then most TVs...
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    broke my lee hand press.

    Lee might avoid some of these failures if they would perform life cycle testing before releasing a product to the market. If you review the material used it is probably die cast A380 aluminum. Aluminum has no endurance limit like steel and I am sure that Lee is missing that detail. The...
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    What is the best press for high end match grade rifle cartridges?

    Many shooters get best results by soft seating bulletS longer than what will function in their rifles. The cartridges are carefully chambered. When chambered the bullet contacts the rifling and is pushed back to a constanr location when the bolt is closed. Like wise your seating die contacts an...
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    6.5-06 would you neck up 25-06 or neck down .270

    I would always use .270 brass and trim it to the exact chamber length -.005". New of used .25-06 brass is not that common and I own a .25-06. The .270 is popular in my area but no one seems to reload for it so once fired brass is plentiful. BTW I have necked USGI LC66 Match .30-06 brass down...
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    22 Hornet and 218 Bee Preferred bullets

    The Armscor 40 grain be bullets they manufacture to load in their .22 WMR ammo. I am sure there are lot more .22 WMR shooters than there are .22 TCM shooters. When they are in stock Grafs is a little cheaper for the bulk quantities and Graf shipping is much cheaper.
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    Brass Juice Case Wash (Test Results)

    You might compare the MSDS materials to other known good cleaners. There is no real magic with chemistry. You either have an acid or a detergent. PS Remington primers produce an ash that is much easier to remove than other primers.
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    Case Expansion, problem when necksizing?

    The Lee Enfield .303 chambers do not match the shape of factory ammo and they vary alot from one to another. That is not desirable but there is little you can do about it. US made loading dies are made to standard dimension that match factory ammo so they do not match .303 chambers either. The...