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    people are to overly obsessed with the size and wieght of guns today.

    To clarify, if I want to use a pistol for defense or competition, by all means I like all-steel and some size and weight to it. But when I need to hide it... different story.
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    Question for competition shooters...

    If you have access to hay bales, they make great obstacle builders and you don't have to worry very much about splash back if you happen to shoot them on accident.
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    Help! I've got the Shakes

    I'm 28, and I've found eating a light meal before the range helps quite a bit. I don't have shakes, but sometimes I get a little wiggle if I don't eat properly.
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    Can I brag?

    I got a 1943 Izhmash Mosin Nagant with matching serial numbers for $65 from a hardware store. *hides* :D
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    Who Bought All Those ’08 Election Guns?

    I bought an AR-15 the night Obama got elected, but it wasn't because I was afraid he would ban them... well, not completely. On election night I was sitting on quite a bit of money in a temporary "geographical batchelor" barracks in Fort Drum. I figured it was the right time to buy something as...
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    Guns colt should start making again.

    I'd like to see Colt make a GOOD firearm again. Their QC has deteriorated over the years... government contracts have a tendency to do that.
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    people are to overly obsessed with the size and wieght of guns today.

    Weight and size are a HUGE issue. I work as a delivery man who comes into people's homes and as a floor manager in a high-profile sales outlet. I can't pack a 3lb 1911 when I'm hefting a washing machine or standing in plain view of customers! I CAN, however, pocket carry with a .380 in a good...
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    Which finish is most durable?

    Uhh... pretty much the entire arsenal of the US Army Infantry, for one?
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    Which finish is most durable?

    I wonder if you can get that done?
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    do you visit

    You forgot MAYBE has 2 to 3 minutes of actual shooting. It's also NEVER as good as his Glock. Hickok45 ftw.
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    Is this a Colt M1917?

    That serial number you're talking about matches the one on the cylinder as well. I don't plan on modifying or doing much of anything to this revolver. It's got a ton of sentimental value, I was just curious if the previous owner had gotten an authentic one. Thanks for all the help, guys.
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    Non-dominant eye/ambiocular drills?

    You've never engaged multiple targets, have you?
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    Home Defense Questions

    Living in an apartment? A shotgun with birdshot. You do not want that thing punching through walls and hitting innocent people. I would avoid rifles if you can. And absolutely no single-shots. What if there are multiple invaders? Go buy yourself an inexpensive Maverick 88 shotgun (made by...
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    A soldiers weapons in Afghanistan

    They did that because of the inherent fear a handgun produced in the Iraqi population. Saddam performed public executions with handguns. My unit in Iraq (1/87, 10MTN)would only issue M9's to those with inherent authority (such as the 1SG and CO) because the populace listened to whoever had...
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    Would you keep this?

    First off, thank you all for your replies. I didn't mean to ask for free advice therapy, but that's what I'm getting and I'd be a not-so-nice-word-for-a-donkey not to take it. I do, however, appreciate it. :) My friend had an attachment to the pistol not because of what it was, but because it...
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    What best describes your local gunstore owner?

    My LGS rubbed me the wrong way when they had an employee ditch his job (I mean pack up and leave without telling anyone ditch), hire a guy to replace him, and only had the new employee work weekends with the promise of "more hours in a couple of months." Had that guy cleaning out the lead pits...
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    Good jeans for pocket carry.

    I bought some Sigtac cargo pants on sale, and they've been my favorite pants for a few years. The pockets are great for my P-3AT. Of course, I got them on a heck of a better sale than the retailer's website has. But it's a start so you know what to look for. Also, they lasted two years as...
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    Guns on Craigslist

    You western Washington boys always forget there's another side across the pass. :P
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    Is this a Colt M1917?

    I've already found [EDIT=FULL]moon clips for it. The same ones that work in the newer S&W .45ACP's work in this one as well. Not authentic, but functioning.