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    Remington Model 51 -- John Pedersen

    FWIW: William Mason is typically credited with the design of the Colt M1873 SAA. Having the loading gate on the right side was pretty well established by the first cartridge conversions of the cap and ball Colt revolvers. As for the latter, I'd definitely want to use my most dexterous hand...
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    Colt's M4 contract expired. Army acquires rights to M4.

    However, when a replacement carbine competition eventually does start, I can guarantee its progress will be delayed by GAO protests, DODIG investigations, and congressional hearings as competitors are eliminated. It will make the XM9 pistol and XM110 SASS competitions look like friendly garden...
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    Colt's M4 contract expired. Army acquires rights to M4.

    Even if FN were to win a M4 contract, Colt will still receive 5% in royalties. The M4 Addendum did not mandate that the US military must buy only M4 carbines to the exclusion of any other design. It merely demanded that if any M4 carbines were bought by the US military, they could only buy...
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    Colt's M4 contract expired. Army acquires rights to M4.

    In the current US military M16A4 contracts, FN's price is just under $700, while Sabre's price is $884. Many of the FN rifles seem to be destined for Foreign Military Sales, while the Sabre rifles will be going to the USMC. Under the same contract, Sabre will also manufacture M16A3 for the US...
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    Colt's M4 contract expired. Army acquires rights to M4.

    The current military contract M4 and M4A1 from Colt run right around $1,184. However, this includes the M4 ARS and BUIS. With standard handguards and detachable carry handle, the .mil contract price runs just shy of $940. These prices include only one magazine.
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    I was frying up some eggs for my breakfast this morning.

    When Triton first entered the ammo business, they routinely had their brass plated with NP3. This gave the cases a distinctive appearance...a dark, mottled gray. Over at the AmBack forum, Triton's former president Fernando Coelho discussed the reasons for abandoning this practice...
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    New boomstick: AI-AWP (PICS)

    FWIW: According to the German gun magazine Visier, Accuracy International has recently declared bankruptcy. If you want one, you had better buy it while you still can before the price-gouging begins.
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    Defense Review article on FN SCAR

    Deep Blue: Given that the SCAR-H shown is the shorty CQC model, why would you expect the velocity to be much higher? The barrel is probably no longer than 12".
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    Midway will have 6.8 spc ammo on Feb 11

    Jim, I doubt it. It would be so much easier to start with .40 S&W or 10mm brass.
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    1911 and LAR Grizzly parts interchange help

    The disconnector should be standard. The only non-interchangeable parts were those lengthened because of greater OAL of the .45 Win Mag cartridge.
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    Why is the 1911 better than the MK23 for our warriors?

    Actually, that is not a done deal yet. On Friday (Jan 14), NSWC-Crane announced that they are seeking industry comment on the draft specifications for the .45 SOF Combat Pistol.
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    the FN SCAR rifle

    One correction: I've seen at least two FN references to the use of a short stroke gas system in the SCAR, as opposed to the FNC's long stroke system.
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    Ruger wins U.S. Army contract.

    W52H09-05-C-0058 is the Ruger contract. The next contract number in sequence shows a $1,756,550 award to SIG Arms for the purchase of 5,000 SIG SP2022 pistols. I suspect but cannot prove these purchases are related to...
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    Why not an UZI in 7.62x25 Tokarev? Perfect candidate..

    Tony, I've seen where someone has offered such a conversion (.357 SIG) on an aftermarket basis.
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    Can anyone identify this rifle

    The rifle is actually the RND Edge. (If you look closely, you can see that it is so marked just under the scope rail.) RND Manufacturing just happens to make some for the CheyTac folks. The last contact info I have is: RND Manufacturing, Inc. 14399 Mead Street Longmont, Colorado 80504...
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    Solicitation for new semi-auto sniper rifle

    From what I've seen, the designation XM110 is being reserved for whatever model is eventually selected.
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    SCAR by FN?

    I went right into their Search page and typed in SCAR. To be fair, I don't think it was there this morning when I first surfed through. However, I had already seen a copy of the announcement on another FBO-style site.
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    M1/Ballistics on the .276/.256

    What can I say? It was in their latest revised edition, and wasn't updated in their 2002 Addendum.
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    SCAR by FN?

    I dare say the following link constitutes an announcement of an official award:
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    M1/Ballistics on the .276/.256

    According to my sources, there were several different .256 (actual diameter .264") rounds tried. An early one was indeed inspired by the Lebel case. This was primarily tested with 140gr bullets at 2,600-2,750fps per the original Ordnance recommendations. However, later test cartridges used...