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    Refinishing Sporterized VZ.24...Rust Blue vs Cerakote

    Rust bluing requires the surface be sanded to about 400 grit to give a good finish. it will not hide pitting. It is fairly durable as far as wear goes, but it is a rust finish and will not give much rust protection. Cerakote is a ceramic+epoxy finish that does best if it can be baked in an...
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    Failure to Feed w/Handloads

    Ah, yes, I recognize the A-MERC headstamp. I throw away any I find. Although the Lee die will resize them so that they will feed, I toss them just in case one misses the Factory crimp die. Jim
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    Failure to Feed w/Handloads

    I had a similar problem with my 1911, it turned out that one brand of brass was a little thicker than the others and would not go into battery. After inspecting all the ones with the problem and eliminating that brand I did not have further problems. I also started using the Lee Factory crimp...
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    Breechplug Removal Help

    It is not meant to be removed. It probably can be done, but getting it back together in proper alignment would be a bear. You will probably have to file some flats on the drum in order to get the purchase needed to extract it. I do know that when mine was made, there as a picture in their...
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    Breechplug Removal Help

    The sidelock CVA breachplugs are not designed to be removed. After the breachplug is installed, the side hole is drilled for the nipple drum. After the nipple drum is installed the breach plug is bored from the muzzle to open the hole to the nipple. Therefore the drum locks the breachplug in...
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    Blueing question

    I can second the idea of rust blueing. I have done several guns, using "PILKINGTON CLASSIC AMERICAN RUST BLUE" from Brownell's. It is a slow process, (4 to 10 applications with three hours of rusting time between each), but gives a great finish, that is very durable. I recommend very careful...
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    Stock Finishing

    I have used Tru-Oil for several stocks, I usually apply 6 to 10 or more thin coats depending on how much grain I have to fill. I also sand with 220 or 320 after about every 3 coats to help level the finish and make sure the grain is filled. As far as I am concerned, bare fingers are the best...
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    Charter Arms Bulldog owners...

    Removing and reinstalling that screw was not a problem. Be very careful about removing the screw on the latch (on the side of the frame) as it has a small spring and follower pressing against it. It is a real pain to reinstall. Jim
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    Charter Arms Bulldog owners...

    I had a similar thing happen with my charter 2000 38 spl. The screw in mine was so easy to turn I had to use a little Lock-tite to keep it from turning. ( I would have to readjust the screw about every 50 - 100 rounds). Jim
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    Colt DA New Army

    A friend of mine has what appears to be a Colt DA New Army in 38 spec. At least the diagram in Numrich gun parts seems to match. It has apparently been left in a damp spot and has quite a bit of surface rust on one side. The bluing looks to be about 30-40 percent. He would like to have to...