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    Thinking about a combo.

    I selected the Tisas D10 1911. Even though I like Glocks for most applications, the 10mm is to realize some hunting "bucket list" goals, and the 1911 has a better trigger for this type of shooting. The Tisas D10 is also very good looking (2 tone, many enhanced features) and has a fully...
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    Turkeys aren't the smartest bird in the woods.

    Unpredicatable and inconsistent is the labels I would give them.
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    Come to the light...

    This is an area where night vision and IR lights would pay dividends- not for illegally taking game, but definitely for moving quietly and stealthily through the woods. Unfortunately, way out of the price range of most of us (I miss my old issued kit). I think a green chem light would be a good...
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    What's the biggest handgun you've carried IWB?

    Full size 1911, when it was all I owned and I was young and ignorant. Also was forced to conceal a standard M9 pistol due to it being my issued pistol at the time.
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    I don't *get* PCC rifles

    There's several good reasons to get one of these things: -fun - very light recoil/blast, which can be especially helpful for kids, ladies, the physically limited. The low blast/flash signature is especially helpful if you may need to fire it indoors. I have fired 5.56 indoors without hearing...
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    The dumbest thing I know of

    When I was stationed at Ft Campbell (1991-1999) these things didn't exist there- neither did armadillos, BTW. These things aren't refugees fleeing persecution- they are more like mongols on a conquest.
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    Fill sand for rear rest

    Plastic airsoft pellets.
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    Appendix carry.

    Lots of people are doing it these days. Not for me. I like to keep everything in the same place all the time, whether it is the gun I am carrying or what pockets my various things are carried in. While I may not be able to carry the same holster all the time, I can at least keep it in the same...
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    How do you carry a sidearm while hunting?

    I don't carry my little CCW gun in the woods, I replaced my Glock 23 with a 1911 in 10mm. I will either carry this in a serpa holster on my right side, or crossdraw in the holster that is sewn to my hunting vest (which is in fact an old aviation survival vest that I repurposed for hunting).
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    Mare's leg type guns- why?

    The purpose of the short barrel upper we were issued wasn't really to have a tiny little M4- it was to keep from having an excessively long rifle when the suppressor is attached during raids where much of the fighting is room-to-room, in hallways, etc. at very close distances. We were issued...
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    Caliber selection for small frame hunter

    While my "assumption" may not have been spot-on, whether it is DNA, dedication, or a certain rifle feature- yours is not a typical experience. Most newer shooters have a larger learning curve to negotiate in their learning process, and most people are not willing to purchase custom guns of any...
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    Hunting Hogs! In Texas looking for advice!

    I would say youtube. As for me, I just tend to take the backstraps and dump the rest. I don't like getting into the insides of pigs, and I don't have a good reason why. To me they are just gross. Any other game animal or fish- even reptiles- I don't care a bit. You could also just let other...
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    Kinda set on getting a 9mm comped and optic pistol

    The only comped pistol I have is a Gen 3 Glock 19C and I love it. As far as the optic, I'm not sold. For what I use handguns for, and my desire to keep them compact whener possible, the optics just aren't my cup of tea. Why do you want one? If its just cause they are popular, I would say no. If...
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    44mag or 10mm for Wilderness Defense?

    I carry a 10mm in 1911, and I don't really care for revolvers too much. There are also no grizzlies anywhere near me (except for the 2 Kodial cubs that were just walking down a road a few miles from me one night a few months back- yes, this happened- google it if you don't believe me). I will...
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    Caliber selection for small frame hunter

    The 30-30 (great round) is almost always some type of lever gun, and is always more on the pricey side. Gone are the days when I could drive up and down Bragg blvd or Yadkin road in Fayetteville, NC and get all the 94's, 336's, 30A's, and so that you could want for $200 or less. I remember a Ted...
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    Caliber selection for small frame hunter

    Is it possible that due to the amount of training and exposure, members of your family like your wife and son aren't "typical"? Meaning that compared to most ladies and younger children, they have a "leg up" as far as being more advanced and experienced. I do know that newer shooters can benefit...
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    Caliber selection for small frame hunter

    There's a TON of effective calibers out there for killing a white tail (which is not that difficult to kill BTW). Going all the way back to the first rounds that did not load through the muzzle. I myself have an old Krag carbine that I killed a deer with a few years ago, just because. There's...
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    Caliber selection for small frame hunter

    Regarding bolt action rifles, various current models from Savage or the Ruger American are hard to beat in both price and performance. Everyone loves a lever action 30-30 (I have one too) but they just won't perform like a bolt action 243 or 6.5 CM, and lever guns in general have become really...
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    Caliber selection for small frame hunter

    Not only kids, but adults can also do this. While the 243 may be ideal for kids, ladies, etc., some people for reasons I don't understand think that makes it a "kids/ladies gun". Ridiculous and plain ignorant, and it just annoys me when people parrot this. If it works for them, it will work for...
  20. FL-NC

    Largest caliber you own?

    My most powerful caliber is 30-06, used in Garand, 03, and P17 for range fun. For hunting, I use much less impressive calibers (243, 300 BLK, 30-30, 6.5 CM).