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    Caliber selection for small frame hunter

    A very effective but light recoiling cartridge is the .350 Legend. Kicks less than the .30-30, .243 and 6.5 to my shoulder. We have killed about 10 deer over the last 4 years with them and they are completely adequate for deer size game.
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    Who scopes their .22s?

    All of my .22 rifles wear an optic of some kind, with the exception being a old Winchester single shot
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    Keep .280 Rem or sell for something else?

    My .308 is the only real lightweight. It is a Savage UL, under 6 lbs without the scope and I have a light fixed 6x on it.
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    Keep .280 Rem or sell for something else?

    I have a 7mm-08, 6.5 CM and .308. I love the .280 but as much for the rifle as the cartridge. Mine is a Cooper and shoots spectacularly. The others are great too but if were to go after bigger game, like elk or moose, I would probably reach for the .280. I have handholds specifically for...
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    What 9mm Defensive Ammunition do You Carry?

    Speer Gold Dot, 124 grain
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    Do Thermal and Night Optics Have a Role in Home Defense?

    Home invasion - likely not. Home defense, i.e. roving mob - I think it very well might have a role there.
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    A good electronic powder dispenser/scale.

    I have a RCBS Chargemaster and like it quite well. Much faster than hand weighing.
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    Optic or no optic on your defense handgun?

    Just started to move to an optic. Now have one on my Hellcat, still getting used to it.
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    What have you done in the reloading room today

    I had some Varget on hand so am trying that first. Hopefully will get a winner!
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    Bullet seating depth question

    Maybe get a bullet comparator for your micrometer and make your handloads the same as your best shooting current load.
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    What have you done in the reloading room today

    Some trial rounds of .308 using the 150 Speer Hot Cor
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    My grandpa's hunting rifle.

    Very cool
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    308 Hunting ammo for AR10?

    Get hunting bullets, not match bullets. As suggested above, buy several different loads and see which shoots the best in your particular rifle. Inside 300 yards, if the tip is a bit deformed from loading, it will not matter.
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    Best Optics for .243 in Northwoods for Deer

    My all time favorite hunting scope is the Leupold VX-3 in 2.5x8.
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    Trifocals for shooting open sights?

    The shooting glasses from SSP work well with a magnifier in the top instead of the bottom of the glasses. And not very expensive.
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    Compact/Micro 9mm Suggestions?

    Kahr PM9 or Kimber Micro 9
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    Silencers - Why?

    Ordered my first suppressor recently. Mainly for night time predator hunting. May leave it on for deer hunting, will see.
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    Night Sights

    Most of my handguns have night sights but I have one red dot and CT grips on my snub nose J-frame
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    Win Deer Season XP - thoughts and initial performance

    I agree, we have taken about 8 deer in the last few years with these bullets from the .350 Legend. Accurate, inexpensive and effective.
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    Respect (or lack there of) for older Gun Writers

    Interesting thread. I have read/own a number of books from those "old school" writers and still find their information and experiences interesting. Are there new techniques? Sure. Does that mean everything that has been previously written on shooting and self defense is obsolete, I don't...