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    9mm carbine

    God Bless you and may he help you with your illness. I am fighting Stage 4 Lung Cancer and it's a bitch. Good Luck to you!
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    Non-"Assault Rifle"-looking pistol caliber carbines?

    Might want to look into The Kel Tec Sub 2000 takes glock 9 and 40 mags. Does not resemble an AR except for the mag goes in the hand piece. The also sell a 223 that is set up as a regular rifle, but the mags will stick out the bottom.
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    Trying to help my brother sell or give away his collection

    I too am in my 60's not in the greatest of health, I asked a friend that upon my death to sell my collection for my wife and keep any one of them as payment.
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    Swing out rail mount?

    I have the Red Lion forearm on mine but still need the flip to the side mount, unless you have another way I am not aware of.
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    Swing out rail mount?

    Thanks but can't imagine how I would mount my red dot to it. Wish I could find one with a just plain rail mounted to it.
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    Swing out rail mount?

    I have an Kel Tec Su2000. For those not familiar with them it has the feature to fold in half for storage or putting in a bug out bag. It folds with the stock meeting the upper half of the forend. What I am looking to do is have the ability to "swing" the red dot I have mounted to the side so as...
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    Buds Penny Auction Question

    Can anybody explain how this Buds Penny Auction works. I got an e-mail yesterday about one opened it up and looked at what they were offering. Saw a Berreta 22 so I said to myself what the heck I'll throw in a bid. I went to the Auto Bid Section and put in a $10.00 bid just for kicks and...
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    Where/Who to leave my guns to when dead?

    I just asked a friend who knows about guns that upon my death to please help my wife by selling them off for me, I also told him to pick one out that he would want for the help.
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    Similar to Kahr but higher capacity?

    Great for small hands. Can even get the larger 17 rd SR9 mag with adapter.
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    Engaging an AR shooter with handgun

    You sir are type of man I would be proud to stand with against the shooter
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    Gun Broker misleading ad

    I just checked my GB account and it said the issue has been resolved. My guess the seller realized that he made a mistake on the listing, other than that I feel I am not going to start poking it with a stick.
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    Gun Broker misleading ad

    Note to all according to my GB account situation has been resolved. Thank you all for your input!
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    Gun Broker misleading ad

    What happens if I just don't pay the dealer. Will I be banned from GB?
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    Gun Broker misleading ad

    I won a auction on GB only to find out that the gun advertised was not what I was looking for. I was looking for a Kel Tec SU-16C. For those not familiar with this model it has a folding stock that can be fired when folded. The ad listed it a SU-16C so I bid and now GB wants me to fulfill the...
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    Question on a " truck gun"

    I hear some much about using this or that for a truck gun, I wanted to know where do you store it and is it left there all the time. Over night? Though I don't drive a truck mine would be considered a car gun. Same questions apply.
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    Selling a KelTec SU-16 rifle out of state to California

    Need a quick answer to this question. Would I run into any problems if I sold this rifle (for anybody not familiar with the SU-16 its folds up and uses AR mags) to someone that lives in the California Bay Area. I live in Florida. I don't need any problems in my life with the law. Thanks for...
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    Ruger American pistol!?

    Does anyone know if it takes the SR mags. If so count me in.
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    Walmart Perfecta ammo any good?

    Been seeing this ammo in Walmart for a pretty good price anybody know if it's any good?
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    Maybe a dumb scope question but I have to ask

    This is my dilemma . I am right handed but left eye dominant. Just started to get into rifles. I put a scope on my Ruger American 22 bolt action and have been shooting right handed using my right eye for the scope. I have been told that the best way to shoot a scoped rifle with my cross eyed...
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    im buying lcr 38 spl, what carry ammo and speed loaders

    If you haven't purchased it yet. Go with the 357 model and shoot 38's. The extra weight is great for recoil. Sorry no help on the ammo.