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    Finally got my flash hider on!

    Yeah, I check GB every once and awhile. I see a set of them that never dip below $500, which is beyond my budget at this point.
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    Finally got my flash hider on!

    She's a Tigr, so she didn't come with one.
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    Finally got my flash hider on!

    After giving up hope on getting my pins back from BHA, I had the local gunsmith tack it on with roller pins. Ain't she a beaut? It looks fine from this side... ...but a little rough on this side. I'm still nagging BHA to get my pins, but realistically I may not. Still, I can't...
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    Handgun Economic Fodder

    I work with a doctor who's a class 3 dealer. When I asked him about how often he goes shooting, he told me, "I don't really like shooting. The reason I'm a dealer is because guns are the only thing going up faster than gold right now. It's my retirement plan."
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    My walther p99 frame is cracked !

    I sent mine in for extractor issues (FTEs) and got it back a few weeks ago. Service was great, warranty covered everything. Keep us updated on how this goes!
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    What is your favorite striker fired auto.

    Have to say the Walther P99AS. Most comfortable pistol I've ever shot, and the looks don't hurt either.
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    Buying spare mags

    Hey Folks. I have a question about buying magazines. My primary pistol is a Walther P99 chambered in 9mm. I have the 2 15rd factory mags that came with it. I want more, but I am a poor medical student. Looking around, I have noticed that the 15rd mags average $40 (gunbroker) to $60 (S&W). The...
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    Pastor's daughter accidentally shot by negligent discharge Sad news and a sober reminder to all of us who carry (even at church) that you should ALWAYS CLEAR THE CHAMBER. I suppose this also explains why my P22 has that annoying magazine disconnect...
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    Best-LOOKING polymer-frame handgun

    Since you didn't include any pics of my favorite beauty, I figured I would. Mine has mepros installed, too =)
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    Magnet mount

    Hey Folks. I just read a sobering article entitled, "Can You Reach Your Weapon?" One interesting thing he showed that I hadn't seen before was magnetic mounts. You screw it into the bottom of the table and then your gun sticks there while you work at your desk. I found this intriguing, and...
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    Sight picture and eye focus

    Hello Folks. When I took my permit to carry class, we went over some basic pistol marksmanship. I was told to look with both eyes open and focus my dominant eye on the front sight. My problem is this: I have a mild astigmatism in my right eye, so when I do this, I can't focus on the front sight...
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    Dragunov Range Report 2/7/12

    I'm up in northern Minnesota, not too far from Duluth. Anyone from around there interested in going out to a range at some point?
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    Dragunov Range Report 2/7/12

    jnoble87: That's my buddie practicing with his .38sp on the pistol range next door. No, I'm not walking out in front of fire. I may be USAF, but I'm not that dumb =P As far as the accuracy goes, I got better results the last time I went out, but I had more time then and was working a little more...
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    Dragunov Range Report 2/7/12

    MachIVshooter: Yeah, I know. I'm not an excellent marksman. My formal training includes USAF BMT with the entire 100 rounds of 5.56 we got to shoot. I don't come from a hunting family, and my only other rifle experience is maybe a couple hundred rounds of .22lr through my Dad's single-round bolt...
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    Dragunov Range Report 2/7/12

    Yet another outing, only this time with video! I'll get the target picture up as soon as I get home. Shot 20 rounds in the video at 100yd. All 20 hit the 18"x18" target sheet. After the video, I moved the target out to 200yd. Hit with 15/20 rounds...
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    Dragunov range report

    jpwilly: Sitting at a bench with someone's spare rifle rest made out of foam and duct tape.
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    Dragunov range report

    Here's my previous thread where I detailed the acquisition of my specific rifle, including pictures of me holding it and of the rifle disassembled. I also included the specific model of battery that I lucked into finding for the original matched-serial PSO-1 that I use. Sorry I didn't link it in...
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    Dragunov range report

    Nothing too fancy. I finished getting it sighted in and put 16 rounds downrange for fun. I'll be the first to admit that I'm relatively new to centerfire rifles and not the greatest. Here's what I had at 100yd: First 6 rounds took me probably a minute and a half to fire. 5/6 hit, 3 in the...
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    Walther P99 issue

    Just contacted S&W and they're sending me a box for shipping it in. Hopefully this is just a glitch that they can correct and I'll be merrily on my way in a couple months. On a related note, has anyone shot Aguila, particularly through a P99? I'm looking at doing a bulk order and the price is right.
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    Walther P99 issue

    Yes, multiple times. I haven't shot Tul for probably 6 months, and I've had hundreds of rounds of brass and probably a half dozen cleanings since.