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  1. Matthew Temkin

    Thoughts on the Training Roadmap and Objectives

    I’ve read that 95% of all gun owners get only the minimum training to obtain a CCW.
  2. Matthew Temkin


    This is being taught by a retired SWAT team captain. ‘Registration is on the US LAWSHIELD website.
  3. Matthew Temkin

    If you can get to a gun you can get to a phone.

    Actually his partner Col Potter.
  4. Matthew Temkin

    Revolver Shooting Courses

    Agreed—which is why I use the crossed thumb method for all handguns.
  5. Matthew Temkin

    You Asked For It, You Got It

    Exactly—this is meant to discourage people seeking a CCW permit.
  6. Matthew Temkin

    A discussion of jury selection from The Armed Attorneys

    As a retired NYC Court Officer I heartily agree. We called them Voir Death
  7. Matthew Temkin


    According to Minnery in his HOW TO KILL series the O.S.S. trained assassins to use the middle finger. He also stated that since Ruby used this method it hinted that he may have been a trained assassin. However—others have written that Ruby had a part of his traditional trigger finger bitten off...
  8. Matthew Temkin


    We older gents are well aware of OK Joe’s insistence on using the middle finger on the trigger. (That was 20 something years ago and I haven’t seen him posting in years.) And how a trainer with the Vermont State Police brought this to his agency wiith great effect. Well—18 months ago I moved to...
  9. Matthew Temkin

    Home defense shotgun

    I prefer a pistol caliber carbine.
  10. Matthew Temkin

    Pro's and con's of announcing to an intruder that you're armed

    In 1976 or so I was living in NY’s East Village with a girlfriend. Back then it was a very high crime area. Our apartment had a loft bed and I kept a Mossberg 500 loaded but chamber empty. Late one night someone was trying to jimmy our apartments door open. I told him numerous times that there...
  11. Matthew Temkin

    This Is Why Not

    Remember this? How those who stated why they would not have intervened were called cowards? Well…pay particular attention to the incident on the far right. See below
  12. Matthew Temkin

    SIG 365 UD?

  13. Matthew Temkin

    SIG 365 UD?

    A good friend of mine heard that someone who patronized the same gun store had his 365 fire by itself while in his appendix carry holster. I have some doubts about this but—-has anyone heard something similar?
  14. Matthew Temkin

    If you think that your state's law protects you from civil action you should watch this

    No—as the impending lawsuit’s against Kyle Rittenhouse proves. You still have to be found justified during the civil process.
  15. Matthew Temkin

    Another data point in favor of minding your own business

    And they wonder why nobody wants to get involved.
  16. Matthew Temkin

    Get A Legal Defense Plan.

    Neither are true insurance companies—they are peer funded. Both will work together to split costs.
  17. Matthew Temkin

    Get A Legal Defense Plan.

    I have both CCW SAFE and US LAWSHIELD Their basic plans compliment each other.