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    AK Update

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    Arsenal SAM7 AK-47 Range Test

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    Has Your LGS Raised Prices?

    I realize that prices can vary regionally, depending on demand, But in my hood, I haven't noticed any increases in prices. But I suppose if the distributors are raising their prices, then the dealers will follow suit. The only thing different I've noticed is that inventories of ARs are...
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    Why I need a 28 gauge

    The currently manufactured Silver Pigeon I is on the "baby" frame, as is the SPV. I have Berettas on both frames, and don't find any compelling reason for either. Actually, the difference between the two is quite small. But, that's just me! LOL. My vote is also for the OP to go for a Silver...
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    What is your view on AR/AK style rifles in .22 rimfire caliber?

    I've got a S&W Performance Center .22, and my grandkids have a ball shooting it! Fun little plinkers IMHO.
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    Model 70 classic question

    Some Classics had Phillips head action screws, depending on when they were manufactured. I've got several that way. Don't lose any sleep over this! LOL
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    What great deals have you found on Gunbroker?

    I don't use GB looking for "deals". Generic type guns I can buy anywhere, and don't need the hassle of GB purchases. What I DO look for are guns that are hard, if not impossible, to find locally.
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    Need help choosing an over/under

    IIRC, the Beretta locking pins can be replaced, and oversized pins are available, if needed. The recoil lugs are also replaceable on Berettas. IMHO, VERY few people would actually shoot enough to wear these items, necessitating replacement. The cost of the ammo would far exceed the cost of...
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    What Make .22 Rifle & Used For?

    That young man is definitely on the right track! You've raised him well!
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    teach me about the browning sa-22

    I've always wanted a Browning SA-22. Never did own one. It was a rather glaring omission in my rimfire collection. Until yesterday. Happened to cruise thru a local shop, and they literally put one on the rack, while I was standing at the counter. It is an older one, made about 1959, in...
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    What’s this rifle worth? Model 70 supergrade.

    This one I believe is the same rifle as yours. Overpriced IMHO, but whatever.
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    What’s this rifle worth? Model 70 supergrade.

    What makes you think that rifle is a Super Grade? Does it say "Super Grade" on it somewhere? Like on the barrel or floorplate? Looks like a standard XTR of that era to me. Best.
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    Who puts their name on their guns.

    It's a free country! Live like you want to live! But, on the flip-side, I'm free not to purchase a used gun with someone's name scratched on to it as well! LOL! YMMV
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    Who puts their name on their guns.

    When I am considering purchasing a used gun, any indication of bubba going to work on same, is basically an automatic rejection. Chicken scratchings on guns for resale are a definite turn-off to the vast majority of buyers. Unless your name is Wyatt Earp or Annie Oakley, leave your name off...
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    Opinions on Rifle Choice

    HA HA!! That has got to be the most accurate M77 ever built! HA! And then the tester compares it to an old worn out PRE-WAR Model 70! Nothing but a puff piece, IMHO. One reason I don't subscribe to any of those gun rags anymore. Trust me on this, if we compare a current Model 70 to a...
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    20 ga O/U

    Of course, the Red Label is no longer made. The Citori is Japanese made. Off hand, I can't think of any USA made O/U currently manufactured. There are plenty of low cost O/U's on the market, Turkish or Russian made, but none I'd actually recommend. My suggestion would be to forget about the...
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    One gun you regret selling and...

    My biggest regrets are the ones I DIDN'T buy!! For instance, there was this Colt SAA, made back in the1800's, very nice condition, all original, nickel, FULLY engraved, ivory handles with longhorn steer heads carved into them, sold to a Texas Ranger, with factory letter, the gun was as built by...
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    What is a "common" cartridge?

    I think this thread fails to take into account regional differences. This afternoon, based on what I've read here, I took a quick survey of rifle ammo available at a local establishment. I did not consider handgun ammo, as they have all the usual suspects. And this place does not stock ammo...
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    gun shows-sheeeshhhhh!

    I NEVER pick up a gun at a gun show without asking the seller if I may, and then I treat the gun with respect. I don't just assume that because a particular gun is for sale that it gives me the right to jack it around. But then, the only guns I'm interested in tend to be collectibles, or...